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Living in Luxury

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living in luxury slotLiving in Luxury is a classic 3-reel slot which offers a single payline and thus, only nine winning combinations. Nevertheless, this game offers some great cash prizes which make it worth your while. Developed by Microgaming, it has a standard layout and design, meaning that the reels are positioned on the left side of the screen, whereas, the paytable takes up the whole right side. Its theme revolves around gambling and various luxurious items which only the wealthiest people can afford. These items include diamonds, an expensive racing car and a private jet which you will see depicted below the reels.

You can wager up to two coins per round, depending on which the payout you will receive when making a winning combination will differ. The minimum bet you can place per spin is €0.25 and the maximum – €10. If you wish to bet the maximum possible amount, you can use the ‘Bet Max’ button which can be easily found at the bottom of the screen.

Special symbols

In spite of being a classic slot, it offers one special symbol – a wild element which makes it a bit more advanced than the standard 3-reel games of this type. The wild symbol depicts a luxurious red car along with the Living in Luxury logo and it will replace absolutely any element on the reels in order to help you complete a winning combination. Without a doubt, it is certainly the most beneficial symbol in the game as it not only offers the highest payout but it also has a special function.

This special symbol will multiply your wins when replacing other elements on the reels which gives you the chance to receive a generous cash prize. The multiplier that will apply in such cases can be either 2x or 4x and it depends on the number of wilds you have collected in one go. In case you get a single wild symbol, the amount you will receive will be multiplied by 2x. However, if you are lucky enough to get two of those special elements at once, a 4x multiplier will be applied on your cash prize, increasing its amount greatly.

Living in Luxury Slot Paytable
Symbol 1st Coin 2nd Coin
Any 1 Cherry 2 4
3x Any Bar 3 6
Any 2 Cherry 5 10
3x Bar 10 20
3x Cherry 20 40
3x Double Bar 25 50
3x Triple Bar 50 100
3x Red Sevens 100 200
3x Wild 800 1600

Bonus games and features

As you might have gathered from the lack of scatter and bonus symbols in the game, this classic slot has no bonus features. Although there are no free spins or mini bonus games that you can trigger, it can be quite exciting as it offers decent payouts. In order to figure out the possible winning combinations that can be made, you should simply look at the paytable which is positioned on the right side of the screen.

As mentioned above, the high-value element in the game is the wild symbol which offers a payout of 1,600 coins, providing that you place a two-coin bet. For a one-coin bet, you will receive 800 coins. The second best element is a red seven and it offers a payout of 200 coins, providing that you get three of those in the middle of each reel and that you bet the maximum number of coins. The rest of the symbols in the slot are also classic ones and include cherries and bars.


Living in Luxury is a classic slot which offers a simple, yet exciting gameplay. It has one special symbol – a wild element which is not typical for these types of games. Thanks to it, you can get a very decent amount as it not only substitutes for other elements but it also multiplies your wins. The top jackpot consists of 1,600 coins which you can receive if you manage to get three wild symbols in the middle of each reel and if you place a two-coin bet.

Despite being a classic slot, this game offers great graphics which makes it very pleasing to the eyes. In addition, its user-friendly interface enables you to navigate through it with ease, regardless of whether you are a novice player or an expert when it comes to slots. All in all, if you are a traditional player who prefers playing classic casino games instead of modern ones, you should try Living in Luxury as it will most likely suit your taste.

Living in Luxury Slot
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