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Lost Vegas

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Lost Vegas SlotMicrogaming takes players on a trip to a zombie-ravaged Sin City with its premium five-reel slot Lost Vegas, where there are 243 ways to create a winning combination. There is no guarantee the trip will be pleasant though since the theme of the game is rather dark and comes shockingly close to what we have seen in Sci-Fi horror series like Resident Evil. The slot boasts a scary apocalyptic theme and uses suitable symbols, containing different infected zombies and a group of survivors who are trying to escape them. If zombies spook you out, you can easily switch from Zombie Mode to Survivors Mode where you will join some of the characters, who are fighting for their lives.

The developers at Microgaming deserve applause for the fine job they have done with this slot. The design of the game is tough to match in terms of detail. There are actually two backdrops for the five reels, depending on which mode you are playing in. If you join the hordes of the infected, your reels will rotate against a backdrop showing a dark street with dilapidated clubs and gambling venues. When you play with the survivors, the background consists of the interior of an abandoned Las Vegas casino. The game is complete with several extra features, including scatters, stacked wilds, two different rounds of free spins, the Zombie Fist of Cash Bonus, and the Blackout Bonus.

Lost Vegas caters to the needs of players with different budgets as it comes with an exceptionally broad betting range. The coin denominations range from $0.01 to $0.10, with the option to bet anywhere between 1 and 15 coins on each spin. From this, it follows that betting starts at the decent amount of $0.30 to reach the whopping $45.00, much to the satisfaction of high-roller slot players.

Special Symbols

Lost Vegas is well equipped with special symbols to ensure spinners would enjoy themselves to the fullest and bag huge wins in the process. To start with, there is a scatter containing the radioactivity hazard symbol. The scatter awards payments in both directions and can earn you up to 1,500 coins for five matching symbols. Three or more scatters on the same spin are the key to unlocking the free spins round in Lost Vegas.

Additionally, there is a wild, represented by the games logo, situated on top of the legendary “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. Five wilds award a prize of 300 coins, but more importantly, they can be used as substitutes for all other symbols except for the scatter. This translates into a greater number of winning combinations for all spinners.

The symbols of the highest value all contain different characters from the game, either zombies or survivors, depending on the mode. The zombie characters are particularly interesting and include a zombie couple of newlyweds, an Elvis impersonator, an infected showgirl, a zombie nurse holding a syringe, and a photographer.

Lost Vegas Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a Payline Three on a Payline Four on a Payline Five on a Payline
10 0 3.00 15.00 60.00
J 0 4.50 15.00 67.50
Q 0 6.00 18.00 75.00
K 0 7.50 22.50 82.50
A 0 9.00 22.50 90.00
Zombie Couple 0 15.00 37.50 150.00
Infected Showgirl 0 22.50 45.00 187.50
Zombie Nurse 0 30.00 60.00 225.00
Photographer 2 37.50 75.00 300.00
Elvis Impersonator 0 45.00 90.00 375.00
Wild 0 52.50 150.00 450.00
Scatter 45.00 90.00 450.00 2250.00

Bonus Games and Features

Lost Vegas is an incredibly action-packed slot that is next to impossible to match in terms of gameplay, interface, and bonus features. What further improves playability here is the fact spinners get to choose from two modes. Provided that you are easily frightened, we recommend you choose the Survivors team where the symbols are easier on the eye. But if you are willing to take a peek at what an apocalyptic Las Vegas would truly look like, you can easily switch over to the zombie side. The paytables coincide but the two modes differ in terms of free spins features.

The free spins of the Survivors come with the Stash Feature. When low-paying symbols land on the reels, they are automatically removed and cash prizes are added to your stash. The free spins continue until all six cards have been stashed. The Zombies offer you a round of free spins with the Infection Feature. We know, initially it does not sound that appealing. However, the zombies would infect entire reels for you and turn them into stacked wilds to help you form more winning combos. You are awarded free spins until eventually all five reels have been infected by the scary creatures. You can receive as many as 50 free spins here and if you survive all of them, you are in for an additional prize.

To boot, there is the Blackout Bonus which is available in both modes. It gets activated randomly during the base game and all high-value symbols that hit the reels automatically award you various cash prizes. Moreover, you need only one scatter to trigger the free spins during these “blackouts”. But there is more. The Zombie Fist of Cash, in the form of a rotting hand clutching a wad of greenbacks, arises on the reels at random during the main game. There is no need to get scared when you see the zombie’s hand. On the contrary, the Fist of Cash will reward you with an extra cash prize.


Lost Vegas is a landmark in Microgaming’s slot collection and is considered one of the developer’s best releases in recent years. The slot combines an interesting narrative with spectacular graphics and a comprehensive range of bonus features. The result is a compelling and very engaging game which has players returning to it again and again.

Spinners are prompted to make a decision from the very moment the game loads, which is normally not the case with the majority of online slots. It is precisely the choice of mode and different free spins rounds that makes Lost Vegas more interesting than the majority of other similar games. The undead theme further adds to the slot’s appeal, so if you are a fan of apocalyptic flicks like World War Z, you most definitely should give it a few spins. You can even try it while on the move as Microgaming has optimized Lost Vegas for mobile play on iOS and Android-based devices.

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