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Magic Spell

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magic spell slotMagic Spell is a mysterious, fantasy video slot by Microgaming has 5 reels and can be played with up to 25 lines. The magic-themed slot game enchants players with magic potions, lovely music, as well as a secret bonus game which is triggered by several different Scatter symbols.

Microgaming has released Magic Spell back in 2007 but it was so elegantly designed that it can be enjoyed today, alongside modern games with much more polished looks, 3D effects and intricate storylines. The slot a great theme that centers on magic – the action takes place in a Magic Academy, but instead of the typical human wizards, we have cute cat magicians who learn how to cast spells, use charms, or do various tricks. There is a hidden bonus game that activates another game, but if it does not sound interesting enough to you, the slot also has quite unusual special symbols that may surprise you.

Magic Spell allows players to enable as many lines as they wish. The number of coins that can be wagered per line is adjustable, as well – from 1 to 10, and coin value ranges from 0.01 to 2.00 credits in any given currency accepted. The maximum bet per spin is 500.00 credits.

Special Symbols

The symbols in this slot game represent items which would be essential to every student of the Magic Academy – a burger, a quill pen and ink, a laboratory beaker, school books, and an old-fashioned school satchel. The higher-value icons offer payouts starting from 2 symbols. They include a school room where the teacher is a hedgehog, the academy itself, and the coat of arms of the academy. Players will also meet the three students of this prestigious school – cute cats named Leo, Catrina, and Baz.

In addition to these, the slot features Master Tom, a wise old wizard who serves as a Wild, or at least partially. Master Tom substitutes for only the three student cats. Whenever he completes a cat combination, he multiplies the winnings by 5 times.

The Scatter symbols are rather strange, as well. First of all, the game has not one but 5 different Scatters. Each of the 5 reels is equipped with one Scatter letter – A, C, G, I, M, with M appearing on the first reel, A, appearing on the second, etc. As you have probably guessed, when all letters show up on the reels, they form the word Magic from left to right. They do not offer a separate payout but when forming this word, they trigger the Magic Spell Bonus, which in its turn, gives access to the second bonus feature.

Magic Spell Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a Payline Three on a Payline Four on a Payline Five on a Payline
Burger 0 15 40 200
Quill Pen and Ink 0 20 45 250
Laboratory Beaker 0 25 50 300
School Books 0 30 60 350
Old School Satchel 0 35 75 400
School Room 5 40 100 450
The Academy 5 45 150 500
Academy’s Coat of Arms 5 50 200 700
Baz 5 60 500 1000
Catrina 5 75 700 1500
Leo 5 100 900 2000

Bonus Games and Features

When players manage to spell out M-A-G-I-C on the reels, they will enter a simple and quite brief game. This is the Magic Spell Bonus and players need to pick letters – each of the five letters reveals a certain cash prize, but one of them gives the golden key which unlocks the second bonus game in the Magic Spell slot.

The second bonus feature is the Secret Library Bonus Game which can reward you with up to 75,000 coins. When the game triggers, players are presented with 5 library shelves, each holding 5 spell books. The player needs to choose one book from each shelf or 5 spell books in total. Behind each, there may be several prizes – a random bonus amount, the All Winning Orb, or the Spell Malfunction. The orb symbol gives you the cash prizes from all books on the same shelf it stands allowing you to move forward to the next shelf.

If you get a Spell Malfunction, the bonus game ends. The first and the second shelves contain no symbols of this kind, while the third and the fourth shelves have 1 orb. The fifth shelf has 2 orb symbols.


Although Magic Spell is not a brand new release, it can compete with many video slots released in the past few years. The graphics are crisp and aesthetically pleasing, the soundtrack is really nice, and there are great bonus features, even if opening them seems a little tricky. The game also offers more than decent payouts which is, of course, one of the most important factors that will eventually determine whether a casino game is good or not.

Microgaming’s Magic Spell is definitely one of the most exciting and entertaining fantasy and magic-themed video slots you can play for real money or for free online. Despite the lack of a proper Wild symbol, this game is much more rewarding than most.

Magic Spell Slot
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