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Martian Money

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Martian Money slotThe Martians are here and they have come bearing great rewards for those who can spin the reels of Microgaming’s classic slot game.

Martian Money is a 3-reel game that despite being a classic slot it also features some modern elements, such as 5 paylines and a Wild symbol. If you are looking for something new and refreshing then please look below where we outline everything important about this title.

Special Symbols

This slot comes with several symbols that will appear on the reels every time you spin them. The symbols are five in total and they take the form of a blue planet, a yellow planet, a red planet, a rocketship, and the Wild symbol. The Wild symbol is portrayed as a shapeless alien and it will serve as a substitute for any missing symbol on the active paylines. It can also form its own winning combinations, should you be lucky enough to spin three of them.

Bonus Rounds and Features

Martian Money does not come with any bonus rounds or specific features. This might not sound very appealing at first and you might even wonder why you should even play this game. Typically, the most amount of money is made during the bonus rounds but since Martian Money does not have any of those the developers have simply raised the payouts to be competitive with other games. As a result, Martian Money has higher average payouts when compared with other similar titles. They go as follows:

Martian Money Slot Paytable
Symbol Payout
3x Any Planet 4
3x Blue Planet 10
3x Yellow Planet 40
3x Red Planet 60
3x Rocket Ship 80
3x Wild on First Payline 1000
3x Wild on Second Payline 1500
3x Wild on Third Payline 2000
3x Wild on Fourth Payline 2500
3x Wild on Fifth Payline 5000

We mentioned above that the Wild can form its own winning combinations. The thing about them is that their corresponding payouts depend on which payline the combination registered.


Martian Money is one of those slots that is difficult to judge since it has both good and bad aspects. On one hand, it is a well-crafted and rewarding title, while on the other, it can become very boring very quickly. There is nothing to this game outside the base gameplay and with so many new games being released packed with features, it is possible that they might outshine Martian Money. There is nothing inherently wrong with this game, nor does it have any game-breaking issues, but it may not appeal to everyone. It is recommended that you spin the reels in free mode first and only commit real cash once you are certain that you like the game.

Martian Money Slot
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