MegaSpin Progressive Major Millions Slot

MegaSpin Progressive Major Millions

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MegaSpin Progressive Major Millions SlotThe slots with progressive jackpots surpass all online casino games in popularity since the prizes would normally exceed the six-figure mark. You may be wondering if there is a way to make a progressive slot even more appealing in the eyes of veteran spinners. There is! Microgaming, for example, have taken their classic progressive slot Major Millions and have upgraded it to a truly unique game, which offers players the fantastic opportunity to play up to six slots simultaneously.

Each of the six slots incorporated in the updated version of Major Millions is played across three reels and offers 3 different paylines you can win on, which makes for a total of 18 lines. Other than that, this rendition of the famed classic slot largely borrows its theme and symbols from its predecessor. The main character is still the quirky Major Millions himself. The symbols the slot uses to pay players out include the iconic logo of the game and various retro icons, such as three different lucky sevens, single, double and triple bars, and the classic red cherries.

Coin denominations range from $0.10 to $1.00. Betting starts at the moderate amount of $1.80 if all 18 paylines are activated but if you are not afraid to bet and win big, you can wager as much as $18.00 per spin.

Special Symbols

Since the prototype of the MegaSpin version of Major Millions is a classic slot, players cannot expect a wide range of special symbols on the reels. However, the developers have included a wild which contains the Mega Millions logo we all are familiar with. The primal purpose of the wild logo is substitution as it can stand in for all the remaining icons, assisting spinners in creating more winning combinations.

When one wild is part of your winning combo, you can expect your profits to be doubled with a 2x multiplier. Land two wilds on the same payline to benefit from a 4x multiplier on your win. Apart from substituting for other symbols, the wild has been assigned the important role of awarding the top prizes in MegaSpin Major Millions.

The amount you receive for matching three wilds is based solely on the payline your combination lands on. Payline number 1 awards 25,000 coins for three Major Millions symbols. Payline number 2 can earn you as many as 50,000 coins but it is payline number 3 that yields the massive progressive jackpot for three identical logo symbols. The lowest prize is set to 2 coins for a single cherry landing on one of the three paylines.

MegaSpin Progressive Major Millions Slot Paytable
Symbol Payout
Any 1 Cherry 2
Any 2 Cherry 5
3x Any Bar 10
3x Cherry 15
3x Bar 15
3x Double Bar 20
3x Triple Bar 30
3x Any 7 50
3x Blue 7 80
3x Red 7 400
3x MegaSpin Major Millions 1st Payline 25 000
3x MegaSpin Major Millions 2nd Payline 50 000
3x MegaSpin Major Millions 3rd Payline Jackpot

Bonus Games and Features

Since the upgraded version of Major Millions was created on the basis of the eponymous classic slot, there are no bonus games or extra features, the only exception being the wild symbol with the 2x and 4x multipliers on the wins it forms. This by no means should put you off because there is one huge advantage this slot has to offer – a huge progressive prize.

MegaSpin Major Millions is linked to Microgaming’s progressive jackpot network and therefore, a small part of all wagers made on the game goes towards the prize pools. It is not unusual for the pot to surpass the one-million mark, which surely is a rather mouth-watering prize for any reel spinner.

There is one peculiarity you need to take into account if you wish to qualify for a hefty paycheck. Only players who bet the maximum of three coins per spin (on each of the six slots) become eligible for the pot. Otherwise, you will not receive the prize even if you succeed in landing three logos on the center payline.

There are several other great functionalities players can take advantage of. The first one is the Autoplay feature but you need to change your playing mode from Regular to Expert to gain access to the functionality. Once you access Autoplay, you are able to configure the feature in accordance with your personal preferences, with the option to play between 5 and 500 rounds without pausing or clicking the Spin button. Moderation is always advisable when you use Autoplay, though. You might end up empty-pocketed if you go to extremes with this feature.

It is also possible to select the number of paylines you wish to activate and play on since these are adjustable. However, it would be wiser to play on all 18 lines and reduce your coin value instead. Deactivating paylines would dramatically decrease your chances of completing winning combinations, let alone scooping the gargantuan progressive jackpot.


Microgaming is always a few steps ahead of rival software suppliers as far as originality and creativity are concerned. This becomes apparent by the introduction of the company’s MegaSpin series of slots that the progressive Major Millions is part of. If you enjoyed playing the original version of this Microgaming classic, there is a good chance its upgraded multi-panel variant will greatly appeal to you.

The gameplay is almost identical and so are the symbols that reward you with paying combinations on the reels. The difference? MegaSpin Major Millions offers you six times the odds of winning, six times the thrills, and last but not least, a progressive jackpot that can change your life all over. The only downside of this Microgaming offering is that it can be a bit taxing on the bankrolls of players with more humble budgets. However, risking a slightly higher amount of your money is worth it, considering you can end up adding the progressive pot to your casino balance.

MegaSpin Progressive Major Millions Slot
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