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Nashville 7s

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Nashville 7s SlotNashville 7’s is an authentic retro slot created by developer Microgaming, a company whose casino software has become a global benchmark for excellence within the online gambling community. The game comes with a simplified design, being a classic slot that is played across three reels and a single, center payline.

The layout is rather toned down as the game features only a red backdrop, with the reels occupying half of the screen and the paytable situated to their side. The game’s logo is embellished with simple, yet elegant decorations and is positioned directly below the reels. Classic symbols are in play as you can create winning combinations with three different types of lucky sevens, cherries, and single, double, and triple bars. The game does not include any wilds or scattered symbols, either. The betting range is wide, with players being able to bet as little as a quarter per spin. You can adjust your bet level to one, two or three coins.

Special Symbols

There are no special symbols in Nashville 7’s to help players form more winning combinations or unlock a side-game. The regular payouts are awarded by all the retro symbols which have become an inseparable part of the old-school slot experience. There is a flat-top jackpot of 2,500 coins which goes to the player who lines up three red lucky sevens across the center of the three reels. You can receive 240 or 120 coins for hitting a combination of three blue lucky sevens or any sevens, respectively.

The single, double and triple bars earn players anywhere between 15 and 90 times their bet, provided that the maximum of three coins is wagered on the winning spin. You can garner up to 30 coins with the cherry symbols for winning three-coin bets. The great thing about the classic cherry icons is that they can earn you a payout even if a single cherry appears on the payline, in which case you receive 6 coins on the third bet level.

Nashville 7’s Slot Paytable
Symbol 1st Coin 2nd Coin 3rd Coin
Any 1 Cherry 2 4 6
Any 2 Cherry 5 10 15
3x Cherry 10 20 30
3x Any Bar 5 10 15
3x Bar 10 20 30
3x Double Bar 20 40 60
3x Triple Bar 30 60 90
3x Any Seven 40 80 120
3x Blue Seven 80 160 240
3x Red Seven 500 1000 2500

Bonus Games and Features

Judging by the several tiny details incorporated into the design of Nashville 7’s, the game was seemingly inspired by Music City, as Nashville is frequently dubbed worldwide. Since this is pretty much a retro slot, you cannot expect much in terms of bonus games and features. Simplicity is what Nashville 7’s is all about.

The interface of the slot is very user-friendly which saves less experienced players a bunch of hassle when navigating through the game. The paytable is readily available within the base-game screen and contains four columns, the first one of which shows all the winning combinations of symbols. The remaining three columns display the number of credits you are rewarded with when winning with one, two or three coins.

The first thing you need to do prior to setting the reels in motion is to configure the amount you bet. This can be done with the control buttons, situated at the bottom of the screen. Bet One helps you regulate the three available bet levels while Bet Max enables you to automatically wager the maximum of three coins and spin the reels at the same time. Nashville 7’s also supports the Autoplay functionality. You can access it in Expert Mode only, with the option to play up to 500 spins without pausing.


This is as simple as a classic slot can get, so if you expect any special symbols or more elaborate side-game features, Nashville 7’s is not the type of game that will appeal to your taste. However, this retro slot poses as a great solution for spinners, craving for an old-school experience without complicated paytables or functionalities to distract them from playing.

There may be no extra symbols like wilds or scatters, but the game compensates with elegance and authenticity. This works to the benefit of novice slot players since it allows for a hassle-free gameplay and navigation. The average return of the slot is estimated at 95.93% which is quite satisfactory, considering there is only one payline you can win on. In conclusion, Nashville 7’s is a great option for reel spinners who wish to get a taste of what playing the one-arm bandits felt back in the day, when fruit machines were hugely popular in Las Vegas casinos. Besides, the 2,500 flat-top jackpot is definitely no prize to skip on.

Nashville 7’s Slot
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