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peek a boo slotPeek-a-Boo belongs to the group of classic slots which was developed by Microgaming. However, in terms of graphics, special symbols, and paylines, it is a bit different than the standard classic games of this type. It has 5 paylines instead of the typical one and it offers one special symbol – a wild element. Moreover, its graphics are more advanced and its design is quite colorful which makes the overall representation of the slot very cheerful. It has a cartoon theme which is inspired by the popular movie Ghostbusters. The logo of Peek-a-Boo is positioned below the reels and it depicts a ghost and the main character in the slot which is seemingly ready to act and catch it.

In this classic slot, you can bet up to 5 coins per spin. You can adjust them by using the ‘Bet One’ button located at the bottom of the screen. You can choose from a couple of coin denominations which range from €0.25 to €5. As a result, the maximum bet you can place is €25 per spin, whereas, the minimum is as little as €0.25, providing that you choose to play with only one payline.

Special symbols

In spite of being a classic slot, Peek-a-Boo offers one special symbol. This is the wild element which depicts a part of the logo of the game. As a special wild symbol, it replaces all other elements on the reels in order to help you form winning combinations. This is the element that you should hope for the most as it offers the biggest payout in the game of 6,000 coins, providing that you play with all active paylines. In order to win it, you have to get three such elements on the fifth payline.

The rest of the symbols on the reels are both classic and modern ones and they include the head of the main character in the slot, a ghost sign, and the standard bars. The latter comes in different forms, meaning that you will be able to find any bar, two bars, a bard and triple bars. The paytable that contains all winning combinations and their payouts is positioned on the left side of the screen.

Pick-a-Boo Slot Paytable
Symbol Payout
3x Any Bar 5
3x Bar 10
3x Double Bar 40
3x Triple Bar 100
3x Ghost 200
3x Ghost Fighter 300
3x Boo 1st Payline 1000
3x Boo 2nd Payline 2000
3x Boo 3rd Payline 3000
3x Boo 4th Payline 4000
3x Boo 5th Payline 6000

Bonus games and features

As you can expect from a classic slot, it has no bonus features included as all it offers is a simple base game. Nevertheless, you should not conclude by any means that this slot cannot fetch you some great cash prizes. Quite the opposite, it contains a beneficial wild symbol which offers a very decent payout. If you get three wilds on the fifth, fourth or third payline, you will be awarded 6,000 coins, 4,000 coins or 3,000 coins respectively.

Moreover, the game gives you the chance to play in expert mode or in other words, to take advantage of the Autoplay feature. Thanks to it, you can set the reels in motion for a certain number of rounds without having to click the ‘Spin’ button. This way, you can speed up the gaming process and see the outcome of each spin much quicker. Bear in mind that when you first load the game, you will be playing in regular mode so you have to switch to expert manually.


Peek-a-Boo is an innovative classic slot which contains elements from both modern and old-school slots. This makes the game exceptionally interesting as it basically gives you the best of both worlds – classic slots’ simplicity and modern slots’ graphics and special elements. Another great thing about this slot is that it has a great design and theme which make it very entertaining.

However, without a doubt, the most appealing aspect to the majority of the players is its generous rewarding system. The highest payout in the game which you can get consists of 6,000 coins. In order to receive it, you need to land three wild symbols on the fifth payline. However, you will be also generously rewarded if you get this special symbol on the fourth and the third payline. In addition, the wild element can be extremely beneficial as it substitutes for all symbols in the game.

Pick-a-Boo Slot
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