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Pirates Paradise

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Pirates Paradise SlotPirates Paradise is a retro slot by renowned developer Microgaming, complete with three reels and a single payline players can create winning combinations on. The game is based on a pirate theme as the layout contains an image of a deserted island, filled with treasures. This indeed would be a paradise for any pirate, but the interesting thing here is that the pirates in question are actually three parrots in gaudy clothing greeting players from the screen.

The game uses theme-related symbols for the paying combinations, including treasure chests, torn Jolly Roger flags with the skull and crossbones on top, and combinations between the two. Instead of using the traditional lucky sevens and bar symbols for lower-value combinations, the developers have opted for single, double and triple palms, and conch shells for the smallest prize of 2 coins on the first bet level.

Betting limits are configurable which is to say the maximum bets may vary between casinos, powered by Microgaming. However, in the majority of cases, players can wager a maximum of $30.00 per spin, with the lower bet limit standing at $0.25 only. There are three betting levels of one, two or three coins per round to accommodate the needs of all reel spinners.

Special Symbols

Pirates Paradise may have been given a makeover with its colorful layout and theme-related symbols, but in its core, it remains a retro slot. It would not be far-stretched to say this is the epitome of a classic slot, despite the lack of the usual bars, lucky sevens, and cherries. There are no special symbols in this game whatsoever, not even a wild to use as a substitute for other icons on the center payline. You can collect a win only by lining up the paying combinations of symbols in the specified order across the center of the reels.

The top prize in Pirates Paradise goes to the player who lines up three treasure chests on the single payline and stands at 500/1,000/2,500 coins depending on the bet level. As you can see, it would be more profitable to max bet three coins due to the large discrepancy in the prizes for two and three-coin wagers. The second best payout stands at 80/160/250 coins and is awarded to the spinner who hits three Jolly Roger flags on the payline. Combinations with the flag and the chest reward slot fans with 40/80/120 in coins.

Three palm symbols can earn you a profit of 5 to 90 coins while the lowest payouts are rendered by the conch shells. These shells may be the lowest payers in Pirate Paradise but they are still quite important volatility-wise, because they can earn you a little something even if a single conch falls onto the center payline.

Pirates Paradise Slot Paytable
Symbol 1st Coin 2nd Coin 3rd Coin
Any 1 Conch Shell 2 4 6
Any 2 Conch Shell 5 10 15
3x Conch Shell 10 20 30
Any 3 Palms 5 10 15
3x Single Palm 10 20 30
3x Double Palm 20 40 60
3x Triple Palm 30 60 90
Any Treasure and Flag 40 80 120
3x Flag 80 160 240
3x Treasure 500 1000 2500

Bonus Games and Features

You probably have an idea where this is going already but… there are no bonus games in Pirates Paradise, which is to be expected from an old-school slot. This is not necessarily a disadvantage, though. Purist spinners may even interpret it as a benefit as it allows for a straightforward gameplay without any unnecessary distractions.

One glance at the game’s layout will suffice for spinners to figure out how Pirates Paradise is played. Most of the screen is occupied by the slot’s paytable where you can see the payouts for the different symbol combinations. You can alter your bet level simply by clicking on the column that corresponds to the number of coins you want to stake.

Of course, you can regulate your bet sizing with the control buttons, available at the bottom of the game’s screen. Coin size is altered with the “+” and “-” buttons. The second way to switch between bet levels is by repeatedly hitting the Bet One button. Bet Max automatically stakes the maximum of three coins and makes the reel spin at the same time.


Follow in the footsteps of legendary pirates the likes of William Kidd and Blackbeard by giving Microgaming’s Pirates Paradise a go. Sure, your adventure may not be as action-packed as theirs, considering the lack of special symbols and bonus games, but you can still end up with a top prize of 2,500 in coins.

Pirates Paradise is a great alternative for purists who are looking for a retro spinning experience and straightforward gameplay, without the distractions of second-screen games and other extra features. What strikes us kind of weird is the absence of a wild, which would have boosted the game’s winning potential a tiny notch. The majority of three-reel slots by Microgaming do have at least a wild for substitution.

However, it is possible that the developers were simply striving to deliver a truly authentic experience, one that comes shockingly close to what spinning the reels of Las Vegas one-armed bandits felt like back in the day. With a satisfactory RTP of 95.96% and bets starting at $0.25 only, Pirates Paradise indeed caters to the needs of all veteran slot players.

Pirates Paradise Slot
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