Power Spins: Atomic 8s Slot

Power Spins: Atomic 8s

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atomic 8s slotAtomic 8s is part of Microgaming’s Power Spins series that incorporates three different slot games that feature a classic theme. This game closely resembles the old fruit machines, while being a full modern slot game. It comes with 5 reels and the standard 9 paylines, on each of which you can bet up to 10 coins.

The value of the coins can range from 0.01 and 1.00, meaning that the maximum bet that you can place is 90.00. This makes the game perfectly accessible for casual players, while also allowing high rollers to bet a good amount of money.

Special Symbols

Power Spins: Atomic 8s features a classic-slot theme and as such it uses symbols commonly found in those types of games. Here you will see many different kinds of classic symbols, such as Bars, Cherries, Bells, and others, but with a touch of modernization. There are two special symbols worth mentioning here – the Wild and the Scatter. The Wild is the ‘Atomic’ symbol and it can repace any other missing symbol on an active payline, with the exception of the Scatter. The Scatter appears as a radiation symbol and it pays a very large amount when you line up 5 of them on a single payline.

Power Spins: Atomic 8s Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a Payline Three on a Payline Four on a Payline Five on a Payline
Any Bar 0 10 40 150
Cherry 0 25 60 250
Bell 0 25 60 250
Any 8 0 40 175 2250
Bar 0 35 100 750
Double Bar 0 40 175 1000
Triple Bar 0 50 250 1500
Blue 8 0 75 750 5000
Silver 8 0 100 1000 10000
Red 8 0 125 1250 20000
Wild 0 500 5000 80000
Scatter 180 1350 4500 27000

Bonus Rounds and Features

Despite its modern take on gameplay, Power Spins: Atomic 8s tries to resemble a classic slot as best it can. Unfortunately, Microgaming has taken things a bit too far and done away with two of the most beloved features of slot games – bonus rounds and free spins. Essentially, what we are left with are the base gameplay and the Power Spins feature. This feature can be activated at will and it increases the size of the bets by one third.

As a result, all winning combinations now pay both ways, left to right and right to left, instead of the traditional left to right. In theory, this will allow you to score wins at twice the usual rate. In practice, however, you are essentially paying 33% more than you usually would with the payouts being no more certain than they would normally be. This feature can come in handy in some situations, but on the surface, it seems like a poor decision to make it the main mechanic of the game.


Power Spins: Atomic 8s is an interesting and ambitious redesign of the modern slot game. It takes some elements from classic slots, such as the symbols and partially the graphics style, but it mostly sticks to the modern formula. The aesthetics of this game are nothing if not pleasing and the visuals are very easy on the eyes. It is in the gameplay aspect that Atomic 8s falls short. There are no free spins, nor any bonus rounds, and the Power Spins feature comes out as underwhelming.

That is not to say, however, that this game is entirely without merit. It can certainly be very enjoyable for some, but equally boring for others. If an excellent aesthetic is what you are looking for, then Power Spins: Atomic 8s is one of the best games that you can play, just do not expect to find something more than the base gameplay.

Power Spins: Atomic 8s Slot
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