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Queen of Wands

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Queen of Wands slotQueen of Wands is a 5-reel slot game created by Playtech that features a mystical and alluring theme about a fortune teller. The game comes with an incredibly large range of betting options starting at 0.01 and going to the tremendous amount of 50 per payline. Speaking of paylines, Queen of Wands features 40 of them, allowing you to form many different combinations depending on where the symbols land.

Special Symbols

As you play the game you will notice the many different symbols featured in Queen of Wands. These can generally be classified into three different categories, depending on their payouts and the interactions they have in the game. These are High Paying, Low Paying, and Special symbols. The Low Paying symbols are the usual high cards that are found in some many others slot games – golden Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, Tens and Nines. The High Paying portray various different things, more specifically a large wave, a golden sun, and a magical chalice.

The Special symbols incorporate the Wild and Scatter, each of which serves a special purpose during gameplay. The Wild symbol depicts the Queen of Wands, for whom this game is named, and it can substitute for any other symbol on an active payline, with the exception of the Scatter. The Scatter, on the other hand, can form special combinations that will trigger some features.

Queen of Wands Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a payline Three on a payline Four on a payline Five on a payline
9 0 5 20 100
10 0 5 20 100
J 0 5 30 150
Q 0 5 30 150
K 0 10 50 150
A 0 10 50 150
Sun, Tree and Water 0 15 70 250
The Goblet of Water 0 30 100 400
Scatter 0 3 0 0
Wild 0 50 200 1000

Bonus Rounds and Features

There are some special features that can be triggered by hitting the correct combination. The Scatter symbol can initiate a round of free spins. This is triggered when the Scatter symbols land of the second, third, and fourth reels. When this happens you will receive 8 free spins, but without a modifier. The best thing about this feature is that you can trigger potentially infinite free spins whenever the Scatters land on the same reels again. While the likelihood of that occurring consecutively is rather low, it is still nice to know that it is possible.

Other than that there are no features or bonus rounds to speak of. This is unfortunate due to the fact that there is not much else that could hold up this game. The addition of bonus rounds and features has become a standard in the current industry and the lack of them cannot bode well for this game.


Queen of Wands is not as extensive as we would have liked it to be. It features an interesting theme, but other than that it has little else. The betting options make for a welcome addition as it allows every kind of player to enjoy this game, but it serves little purpose in the grand scheme of things.The game overall is well designed and crafted and it shows the competency of Playtech’s graphical team, but the lack of features prevents it from reaching its full potential. When all is said and done, Queen of Wands is a beautiful game with a pleasing aesthetic. If you like the theme you might also enjoy the game, but if that is not the case, then we would recommend that you look to other slots.

Queen of Wands
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