Rabbit in the Hat Slot

Rabbit in the Hat

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rabbit in the hat slotRabbit in the Hat is magician-themed Microgaming slot that is featured at many different online casinos. This game comes with 5 reels and 9 paylines, but sadly the betting limits might not please everyone.

Players may bet up 10 coins on each of the 9 paylines, with the value of the coins ranging from 0.01 to 0.20. This limits the maximum possible bet to 18.00, which is not bad by any measure, but may not prove enough for some high rollers.

Special Symbols

As soon as you start the game you will find various different symbols littering the reels. There are two basic types of symbols in this game – high card symbols, as well as the magicians and their tricks. Most symbols require 3 or more of the same kind to form a winning combination, with the exception of the Magician, his Assistant, and the Wild symbol. Rabbit in the Hat only pays combinations starting left to right.

Unlike most slot titles, there is no Scatter symbol in this one. Instead, we only have at our disposal a Wild. It takes the form of the Magician’s hat, where a rabbit is supposedly hiding. This symbol can serve as a substitute for any other missing symbol on an active payline. Additionally, the Wild is also the highest paying symbol in the game, offering a 10,000 payout for anyone who manages to line up 5 of them on a single payline.

Rabbit in the Hat Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a Payline Three on a Payline Four on a Payline Five on a Payline
9 0 10 40 200
10 0 10 40 200
J 0 20 50 300
Q 0 20 50 300
K 0 30 60 400
A 0 30 60 400
The Magician Trunk 0 50 100 1000
The Knife Target 0 60 200 1200
Locked Chest 0 70 300 1400
The Rabbit 0 80 400 1600
The Assistant 4 100 500 1800
The Magician 8 110 1000 2000
Wild 10 120 2000 10000

Special Features

Rabbit in the Hat comes with a unique feature not commonly found in other games – the Magic Hats Feature. Basically, the Magician will place a hat on the rightmost reel, which will to the next reel after every spin until it falls off the reels. He also continuously adds hats at random, until you trigger one or more of them. You will receive the bonus of the hat whenever a Wild symbol lands on the reel beneath it. There are four types of hats, each containing some different bonus. You can receive a cash bonus, a set of free spins, a stacked Wild reel, or a random reward.

Whenever you trigger a round of free spins, a hat will be placed atop each reel. This increases your winnings potential exponentially, allowing you to add cash prizes and more free spins each time the reels spin. This feature is very interesting and also quite rewarding. It allows you to attain a very nice boost to your bankroll, without altering the base gameplay in any way. There is a certain element of randomness to it, but then again this is a slot game. Overall, it is an excellent feature that we are sure that you will love.


Rabbit in the Hat brings new gameplay elements to the slot genre and it does so with great success. The Magic Hats Feature is a welcome addition to this game, as it is something truly special that we do not see often in slots. It makes an already great game even better, allowing you to claim some very tempting rewards. The graphics style of Rabbit in the Hat is also designed with care and attention. The computer animation is fun, lighthearted, and does not take itself too seriously. Overall, Rabbit in the Hat is an engaging and entertaining slot game, fully deserving of your attention.

Rabbit in the Hat Slot
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