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Rapid Reels

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rapid reels slotRapid Reels is a three-reel slot with 5 paylines by Microgaming which pays homage to vintage Las Vegas one-arm bandits. The game throws spinners in the turbulent waters of a fast-flowing river as they join two rafters on their risky downstream adventure. Rapid Reels boasts a colorful design, retro sound effects, and a wild symbol with a rafter players can use for substitution. Winning combinations of lower value can be created with various classic symbols, such as lucky sevens, cherries, and single, double and triple bars. The wild rafter is the highest payer in Rapid Reels and can reward you with a flat jackpot of 6,000 coins.

The layout mimics that of the majority of classic slots from Microgaming’s comprehensive catalog. The reels are situated on the left side of the screen and below them, you can see the two thrill-seekers navigating their inflatable raft through a stream of greenbacks. The rest of the screen is occupied by the game’s paytable which contains all possible winning combinations and their corresponding payouts.

Rapid Reels accepts one to five coins per spin, with their values extending from $0.25 to $5.00. Players are recommended to bet the maximum of five coins to cover all available paylines as this would enhance the probability of scoring a win. Rapid Reels leans towards the lower spectrum of betting, with maximum stakes reaching $25.00 per spin.

Special Symbols

The set of symbols Rapid Reels uses are quite basic as the majority of payouts are awarded for different combinations of bars, lucky sevens, and cherries. The game returns even money for a single cherry symbol landing on a payline and this is the lowest possible payout you can get. Three cherries can earn you 10 coins while the different combinations of bars offer payouts ranging from 4 to 100 coins.

The symbol of the greatest value is the rafter and can reward you with anywhere between 1,000 to 6,000 coins. How much you collect for three matching rafters is based on which payline the rafter symbols fall onto. But the rafter is also wild which means you can use it to form more combinations that return a payout. The wild substitutes for all other symbols in Rapid Reels. Of course, it would have been better if the wild rafter also multiplied the wins when substituting but Microgaming developers have decided to pass on this feature with Rapid Reels.

Rapid Reels Slot Paytable
Symbol Payout
Any One Cherry 1
Any Two Cherry 2
3x Any Bar 4
3x Cherry 10
3x Bar 20
3x Double Bar 50
3x Triple Bar 100
3x Sevens 300
3x Wild 1st Payline 1000
3x Wild 2nd Payline 2000
3x Wild 3rd Payline 3000
3x Wild 4th Payline 4000
3x Wild 5th Payline 6000

Bonus Games and Features

Rapid Reels is a plain slot so you can hardly expect to find an abundance of bonus games and additional features here. What this game can offer is a simplified gameplay and an authentic feel, complete with its classic symbols and the monotonous drone of the spinning reels. This might not sound all that promising if you are into advanced video slots but do keep in mind this game targets predominantly an audience of veteran spinners, who are craving an old-school experience.

The game is shockingly simple to navigate as basically all you need to play it is right there on the screen, the paytable included. There are two ways to regulate your bet level – you can either click the Bet One button one or more times, depending on how many paylines you intend to play, or select your paylines directly from the paytable. You can stake the maximum and spin the reels with one click of the Bet Max Button.

The game supports two modes of play, Regular and Expert. Choosing Expert Mode grants you access to the Autoplay feature where you have the option of going through 5 to 500 spins without having to click the Spin button each time the reels come to a stop. There is also the option to meddle with the settings so that Autoplay ceases automatically after your wins surpass a specific amount. But it would have been more useful if it was the other way around and the feature was deactivated after your session’s balance had dropped below a given sum.


Feel the surge of adrenaline by joining the two daring rafters in Rapid Reels on their epic, cash-filled adventure. This slot is a glorious return to the past when one-arm bandits were the hottest game to play in any Las Vegas casino. The game lures veteran spinners with the promise of a memorable gaming experience and a top jackpot prize of 6,000 coins or $30,000 if you max-bet with five coins of the biggest denomination.

Not much is going on in terms of extra features and special symbols, which makes sense considering this is a classic slot with where wins are restricted to five paylines only. The wild rafter symbol is the trump card of this Microgaming offering – it not only substitutes for other icons on the paylines but also returns the largest cash prizes in the game. The wild is only deficient in that it does not have a multiplier and therefore, cannot double or quadruple the wins it creates.

In its core, Rapid Reels is just like any other classic Microgaming slot out there. Whether you like it or not depends entirely on what you are looking for – if you insist on playing a straightforward game void of complex features, there is a good chance Rapid Reels might appeal to you.

Rapid Reels Slot
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