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Rock the Boat

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rock the boat slotRock the Boat is a traditional slot, complete with three reels, a single center payline, and a wild symbol which multiplies the profits on winning combinations it completes. The game is courtesy of casino software provider Microgaming and was inspired by the King of Rock and Roll himself, Elvis Presley.

The mechanics and layout of the game are pretty standard, with the paytable occupying half of the screen and the reels, positioned to its side. The layout consists of an image showing the King in his white jumpsuit on a boat holding his guitar, with a lighthouse in the distance. The majority of the symbols you can win with relate to the theme of the game, the only exceptions being the single, double and triple bars. High-value winning combinations can be completed with a close-up of Elvis and a lighthouse while smaller prizes are awarded for matching bars and guitar symbols.

The game aims at accommodating predominantly players on the lower betting spectrum as it is playable from $0.25 only. The highest amount you are permitted to wager on a single round is $10.00 which may drive high rollers away. There are two betting levels as you can stake one or two coins of your preferred denomination.

Special Symbols

Rock the Boat lures purists with the promise of an authentic experience that comes very close to what one would expect to see in a landbased casino. Despite being a classic slot, however, this Microgaming offering features one wild symbol depicting Elvis himself – fair enough, considering the legendary musician is the inspiration for the game. The purpose of the wild is to substitute for all other symbols and multiply players’ winnings in the process.

Whenever Elvis lands on the center payline, he returns 2x the winning combination he completes. Two Elvises in a paying combination will have your profits quadrupled with a 4x multiplier. The only occasion when the Elvis symbols cannot substitute for other icons is when you have three of those wilds on the payline, in which case, you qualify for the top prizes of 800 or 1,600 coins, depending on what betting level you play at.

The second best combination consists of three lighthouses which return 100 or 200 coins. Different combinations of bars can earn you between 6 and 100 times your line bet. The guitar is the lowest payer in Rock the Boat, offering you prizes of 4 to 40 coins. The guitar can return a payout even for a single symbol appearing on the center payline.

Rock the Boat Slot Paytable
Symbol 1st Coin 2nd Coin
Any 1 Guitar 2 4
3x Any Bar 3 6
Any 2 Guitar 5 10
3x Bar 10 20
3x Guitar 20 40
3x Double Bar 25 50
3x Triple Bar 50 100
3x Lighthouse 100 200
3x Wild 800 1600

Bonus Games and Features

Rock the Boat may be a simple classic slot but this is not to say it is not well crafted. The developers have included various tiny details to make the game more enjoyable and unique. The audio effects consist of the familiar purr of the rotating wheels but when you land a winning combination, the first two chords of the rock and roll standard Blue Suede Shoes are played. This is certainly a nice little touch, which improves the quality of spinners’ experience.

The interface is well organized to ensure players can easily find their way around the gaming controls. There are several buttons which allow you to adjust your bet sizing and control the gameplay. Setting up your bet size is the first thing you need to do if you decide to give Rock the Boat a shot. You first adjust your coins’ size by meddling with the “+” and “-” buttons.

The bet levels can be regulated either with the Bet One button or by selecting the column in the paytable that corresponds to the number of coins you want to stake. If you intend to wager the maximum coins permitted in Rock the Boat, you can easily do so by clicking on the Bet Max button, which also makes the reels spin.


Some players may frown upon Rock the Boat because of its lack of bonus games and free spins, but let us not forget that Microgaming targets a specific audience with this slot. The game aims at attracting the interest of veteran players who prefer simplicity over modern slots that are overloaded with extra features and special symbols. Adding more functionalities would have taken away from the game’s authenticity and retro vibe so and so.

Besides, Rock the Boat is not entirely deficient of features since there is the Elvis wild which doubles or quadruples the wins on combinations it helps you complete. This increases the probability of hitting matching symbols and collecting a nice payout. Speaking of payouts, the game offers a satisfactory fixed jackpot of 1,600 coins. This translates into $8,000 in prize money, provided that you stake two coins of the highest denomination. You can find and play Rock the Boat for real money at a variety of prestigious online casinos that run on the Microgaming software, so make sure you give it a shot if you are craving an authentic spinning experience.

Rock the Boat Slot
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