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Snow Honeys

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Snow Honeys SlotAmong Microgaming’s vast slot game selection we come across Snow Honeys, a 5-reel slot game that features a quirky skiing theme.

In this game, you will find 20 paylines, on each of which players have the option to bet up to 10 coins. The value of these coins ranges from 0.01 to 0.50. With the power of mathematics, we can figure out that the maximum possible bet is 100.00, which is not too shabby. This, essentially, allows many different players to enjoy the game, staking whatever sums they wish.

Special Symbols

The symbols in Snow Honeys depict various different skiers, some of whom are in various states of undress. Clearly, this game is not striving for authenticity or realism, judging by the clothing of most skiers. Those are all basic symbols, however, and they do not have such a profound effect on the game as others. The special symbols in this game are the Scatter and the Bonus.

Unlike most other slots, Snow Honeys comes without any Wild symbol. Why the developers though this might be a good idea is a secret only they are privy to, but it is strange all the same. The Scatter is represented by the ski resort symbol and it can trigger a round of free spins. The Bonus symbol, on the other hand, portrays a castle and it can initiate the Hide and Seek Bonus.

Snow Honeys Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a Payline Three on a Payline Four on a Payline Five on a Payline
Bear 0 15 30 100
Cable Car 0 15 40 150
Lodge 0 20 45 200
Man 1 0 20 50 250
Man 2 0 25 60 300
Girl 1 0 30 80 350
Girl 2 0 40 100 500
Girl 3 0 50 200 750
Bunny 5 60 250 1000
Snow Honeys Logo 7 70 700 4000

Bonus Rounds and Features

Snow Honeys comes with several features meant to spice up the gameplay and make the whole experience that much more enjoyable. The Free Spins bonus feature can triggers whenever you hit 3 or more Scatters adjacent to each other. Here the game also departs from the tried and true formula by requiring you to hit a succession of Scatters, rather than having them appear anywhere on the reels. Logically, this will lead to you triggering this feature more rarely. When you do manage to meet the needed conditions, you will be rewarded with up to 30 free spins that can have a winnings multiplier up to 5 times. Following the trend of ruining perfectly good features, Snow Honeys does not allow you to retrigger the free spins.

There is also the Hide and Seek Bonus to discuss before we are done with this travesty of a game. This round is triggered whenever you hit 3 or more Bonus symbols adjacently. You will be taken to a different screen, where you will notice the castle portrayed on the symbol. Behind each window, you will seek the hiding tenants. Some windows may reward you with cash prizes. This feature has the potential to reward you with up to 20,000 coins, which is no small amount.


Overall, Snow Honeys is not the best available slot game. It is clearly old and this is reflected best in the graphics. They are two-dimensional and uninspired. Whereas some of the older games come with timeless visuals that will always be beautiful, Snow Honeys cannot boast that. The bonus rounds and features have the potential to be quite entertaining and rewarding, but since you need to line up the symbols adjacently, instead of anywhere on the reels, the chance to trigger them is diminished greatly. Snow Honeys can be enjoyable for some players, but the vast majority will not be satisfied with this. We recommend giving it a try in free mode and only committing real money once you are certain that the game is to your liking.

Snow Honeys Slot
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