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So Many Monsters

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So Many Monsters SlotSo Many Monsters is a Microgaming slot game that features 5 reels and 25 paylines. The theme of the game is about quirky-looking monsters, that resemble gummy bears more than they do actual horrors.

The betting limits in So Many Monsters are quite loose, allowing you to bet up to 100.00 per spin. Essentially, you can bet up to 20 coins on each of the paylines, with each of the coins having an assigned value ranging from 0.01 and 0.20.

Special Symbols

The symbols in the game come in three different categories – Low Paying, High Paying, and Special. The Low Paying category features the high card symbols that we often see in slot games. The High Paying group is made up entirely of monsters that bear a close resemblance to animals for the most part, such as the Rat Monster, the Bar Monster, the Snail Monster, etc. Last but not least, the Special category includes two very important symbols – the Wild and the Scatter. The Wild is the So Many Monsters’s logo and it will act as any missing symbol on the payline, while the Scatter comes in the form of an eye and is able to trigger a round of free games.

So Many Monsters Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a Payline Three on a Payline Four on a Payline Five on a Payline
10 0 20 60 220
J 0 20 60 220
Q 0 32 80 300
K 0 32 80 300
A 0 60 140 440
Wild 0 220 2200 30000
Scatter 100 300 1000 7500

Bonus Rounds and Features

So Many Monsters comes with several features that will leave a lasting impression on you due to their inherent ingenuity and uniqueness. The Many More Monsters feature is what makes this game so special. Basically, each monster symbol depicts a single monster, but every now and then, the game will split the symbol into several parts, that features multiple monsters, instead of only one. Each additional monster earns you an extra payout, so hitting a lot of them at once can result in massive winnings. Each symbol slot can accommodate up to 5 monsters, meaning that you could potentially receive a payout for up to 25 of them. This is a bit tricky to explain on paper, so it is better to actually see it in practice. This feature is also the namesake of the game, as your screen will at some point be flooded with monsters.

The game also features free spins, which can be triggered by hitting 3 or more Scatters anywhere on the reels. When you activate the free spins, a monster will be chosen that will determine the number of free spins that you will receive. Additionally, it will also replace all other High Paying symbols on the reels for the duration of the free spins. The number of free games that you are eligible to receive ranges between 8 and 16, all depending on the monster in question. Moreover, the feature can retrigger itself when 3 or more Scatters land on the reels again.


So Many Monsters is one of Microgaming’s more unique titles, introducing a gameplay mechanic not often seen in most slots. The theme also serves the game very well, as it is relaxing and does not take itself too seriously. Due to the Many More Monsters feature players have the chance to win some ridiculous sums without the need to change anything in the way they play. Overall, So Many Monsters is fun, engaging, and genuinely interesting. It comes with our full recommendation and praise.

So Many Monsters Slot
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4.7 / 5.0
4.7 / 5.0
4.7 / 5.0
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