Spectacular Wheel of Wealth Slot

Spectacular Wheel of Wealth

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Spectacular Wheel of Wealth SlotSpectacular Wheel of Wealth is a classic slot developed by Microgaming. It features 3 reels and only a single payline in the middle. This game is very conservative with its betting limits, in the sense that you can only bet 2 coins per spin, with their value being set at 1.00 each.

A maximum bet of 2.00 is practically unheard of in any slot game, partly because it is very low and partly because it is strange for the game not to allow you to change the size of your bets. If you are interested in classic slots, look below to see how this game turns out.

Special Symbols

The symbols in Spectacular Wheel of Wealth are partly classic and partly unique to the game. Here you will notice symbols such as the Bars, Sevens, Tickets, and the game’s logo, the ‘Spectacular’ symbol. This ‘Spectacular’ symbol also serves as a Wild, substituting for any missing symbol on the payline. Moreover, it will also double your winnings for every Wild that participates in the combination. This means that a single Wild will net you a 2x payout, while two Wilds can earn you 4x payout. A Wild symbol in a classic slot, while not unheard of, is not seen often, so it is very pleasing to discover that this game also has this feature.

Spectacular Wheel of Wealth Slot Paytable
Symbol 1st Coin 2nd Coin
Any One Ticket 2 4
Any Two Ticket 3 6
3x Any Bar 5 10
3x Ticket 10 20
3x Bar 15 30
3x Double Bar 30 60
3x Triple Bar 50 100
3x Seven 100 200
3x Spectacular Logo 2000 5000

Bonus Rounds and Features

Once in a blue moon, a classic slot game is released with a bonus round and Spectacular Wheel of Wealth is one of those precious few. The Wheel of Wealth bonus is triggered when you land a Wild symbol on the rightmost reel. This will take you to a different screen where you will get to spin the wheel, which is also, incidentally, the game’s namesake. Once you are here you are guaranteed a minimum payout of 20, with the maximum going as high as 1,000; not too shabby for a 1.00 spin. This is the only feature that you will find in the game that is worth noting. Still, we are pleasantly surprised to find one at all. Most classic slots are completely barebones, offering only the base gameplay.


Spectacular Wheel of Wealth is one of the more unique classic slots out there, mostly due to the fact that it features not only a Wild symbol but also a bonus round. This might sound strange to anyone who has never a classic slot before, but those two additions are headline worthy. Other than that, Spectacular Wheel of Wealth features a usual paytable for its genre, though still quite rewarding. The theme will be hit or miss for most people, as the flashy colors can be irritating to some. Overall, Spectacular Wheel of Wealth is an excellent classic slot, that borrows a few elements from modern slot games. The result is one highly entertaining and highly rewarding game, that any classic slot fan should play.

Spectacular Wheel of Wealth Slot
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