Top Trumps World Football Stars Slot

Top Trumps World Football Stars

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Top Trumps World Football Stars SlotTop Trumps World Football Stars is a slot developed by the renowned software provider Playtech. It has 5 reels and 20 paylines and comes with a football theme that will satisfy even the most hardcore fans of the sport. Football Stars features decent betting limits, as you can spin the reels with a minimum bet of 0.01 per payline. This can go as high as 10.00 for each coin, and you can bet up to 10 coins on each payline. This makes the game suitable for both casual players and high rollers.

Special Symbols

This game comes with some interesting symbols. One category consists of the high card symbols that you should be all too familiar with, as they are featured in many other slot games. Lining up 3 or more of them on a single payline will be considered a winning combination.

Another category is that of the Player symbols. These symbols will showcase various different players from National teams, depending on which two you chose at the start of the game, more on that later. The lower two Players can form combinations at 3 or more symbols per payline, whereas the upper two can do so with only 2 symbols.

The Special category includes a bunch of symbols that have a special purpose in the main game. These are the usual culprits – the Wild, Scatter, Bonus, and the Free Games symbols. The Wild is represented by a symbol with the word ‘WILD’ written on it, you really cannot miss it. The Scatter portrays the game’s logo – Top Trumps, whereas the Bonus is depicted as a football. The Free Games symbols will vary depending on which two national teams you chose at the start of the game.

Top Trumps World Football Stars Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a payline Three on a payline Four on a payline Five on a payline
9 0 5 15 100
10 0 5 15 100
J 0 5 25 200
Q 0 5 25 200
K 0 10 50 300
A 0 10 50 300
Any Player 0 10 60 120
National Player 1 0 50 125 500
National Player 2 5 75 250 1000
National Player 3 5 100 500 5000
Scatter 1 5 25 125
Wild 10 200 1000 10000

Bonus Rounds and Features

One of the most iconic features of this slot is the ability to customize it by choosing two of seven national football teams that will play against each other. This will determine what the Player symbols will depict, as well as the direction in which a winning combination will pay. The symbols of the first team will pay left to right, whereas those of the second team will pay right to left.

Whenever you hit a flag symbol on both the first and fifth reel you will win 12 Free Games. During this time only the players of the winning team will be featured, while the Bonus and the flag symbols will be excluded. During the Free Games, combinations can pay in both directions, in other words, both left to right and right to left will count as valid. Since the flag symbols do not appear in this mode, more Free Games cannot be won from the Free Games.

The Bonus symbol also has some interesting interactions with the main game. Whenever it lands on the second reel with a left side team member to its immediate left or on the fourth reel with a right side member on its immediate right, the ball will be passed to each of that team’s players that are present on the reels. Your bet will be multiplied by 3 times for every player that the ball is passed to. This round is called the Pass the Ball Bonus.

There is also the ‘Gamble’ feature to take into account. On every winning spin, you will have the opportunity to further increase your winnings. Clicking on the ‘Gamble’ button will take you to a different screen where you will get to choose how much of your winnings you wish to wager. You can do both 100% and 50%. After choosing, you will be presented with 5 cards and the game will reveal the leftmost one. Your job is to pick a higher card from the other 4. This feature pays even money or, in other words, 1:1. You can stop and collect your winnings at any time or you can continue to wager them as much as you would like up to a certain amount.


Top Trumps World Football Stars is one of the most creative slots that we have had the pleasure of reviewing. It features an excellent theme and it allows you to do something very rarely seen in this genre – to customize the game to a certain extent. On top of the strong theme, the game also offers a lot of interesting bonus rounds, which will only further boost your bankroll. In light of this, Top Trumps World Football Stars has our full recommendation.

Top Trumps World Football Stars
Top Trumps World Football Stars logo
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