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Truck Stop

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Truck Stop SlotTruck Stop is a Microgaming release which offers reel enthusiasts an opportunity to play across five reels, three rows, and 9 winning paylines. The game was apparently inspired by the fast-paced lifestyle of truck drivers constantly traveling from place to place.

Slot fans from the Land Down Under would surely be able to identify some of the symbols in use, especially the one containing the yellow sign, warning truck drivers about kangaroos in the vicinity. Other high payers in the game include two male and one female drivers and a truck. Players would benefit from wild and scattered symbols but sadly Truck Stop offers neither free spins nor a bonus side game.

Despite its shortcomings, Truck Stop is ideal for spinners who are just making their first steps in the world of online gambling as it offers a simplified gameplay and reasonable betting limits. There is only one bet level as players are allowed to wager no more than one coin per spin, with values extending from $0.25 to $2.00. Therefore, the slot is playable from $2.25 when all 9 lines are active, with a maximum capped at $18.00.

Special Symbols

Weirdly enough, special symbols are the only feature of interest Truck Stop can offer you. While these are certainly insufficient when it comes to boosting the entertainment value of the slot, they do increase the chances of players ending their betting sessions on profit. Keep your fingers crossed for the wild in Truck Stop, represented by three bottles of beer. Driving a vehicle under the influence, let alone a truck, is never a good idea but in this instance, these beer bottles enable you to amass more prizes as they substitute for all icons except the scatter. This is practically the only thing the wild helps you with as it does not return any payouts on its own.

Truth be told, the inclusion of the scatter strikes us kind of funny, especially when you consider there is no bonus feature to unlock with these symbols. The scatter in question contains the truck’s horn and all it does is return a prize of 100 times the total bet for five matches. The only positive of the scatter in that it pays in both directions, unlike the remaining symbols which offer payouts only from left to right.

The top-paying symbols in Truck Stop contain the image of Big Red, one of the three truck drivers appearing on the reels. When five symbols with Big Red fall onto an active payline, players bag the fixed jackpot of 1,000 coins.

Truck Stop Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a Payline Three on a Payline Four on a Payline Five on a Payline
10 0 1 5 50
J 0 2 10 100
Q 0 3 15 150
K 0 4 20 200
A 0 5 25 250
Yellow Sign 1 10 30 300
Truck 2 20 60 500
Male Driver 3 30 100 700
Female Driver 4 40 250 900
“Big Red” Driver 5 50 500 1000
Scatter 0 10 50 100

Bonus Games and Features

If you are interested in playing a slot loaded with lots of features, Truck Stop is probably not the kind of game that would appeal to you. There is no bonus on a second screen and even the standard round of free spins is absent from this Microgaming offering. What you are left with are the two special symbols, nine paylines to win on, and… the gaming controls, located at the screen’s bottom.

This is the type of game which strives to accommodate players with limited experience on the slots as it offers a very straightforward gameplay and intuitive interface. The game is exceptionally easy to control. To start playing, you first need to set your coin size, using the “+” and “-” buttons. Then you must select the number of lines you wish to play on. It would be best to bet on all 9 lines because disabling some of them would reduce your chances of scoring wins.

Clicking the spin button every few seconds may become tedious after a while. If you wish to skip on this, we suggest you make use of the Autoplay functionality, accessible in Expert Mode. You can adjust the settings so that you automatically go through 5 to 500 spins without pausing. If you are interested in keeping track of your results during the current session, you can open the Statistics menu where you get to check how many spins you have played, how long your session has lasted, and what your largest wins are.


From all we have said so far about this Microgaming offering, it becomes clear Truck Stop targets specific members of the reel spinning community. Players who have grown accustomed to modern slots with plenty of action and extra features would certainly not find this game appealing enough. It completely falls flat in the special-features department as even the usual free spins have been scratched off by the developers.

The only aspects, in which Truck Stop differs from classic slots are the higher number of paylines and the inclusion of the wild and scattered symbols. The visuals are hardly the epitome of perfection and do appear way too cartoonish in comparison with those in the graphically advanced slots, released in recent years.

That being said, Truck Stop does have its advantages. The slot is a great option for players who lack experience and sizable bankrolls. The gameplay is simple enough for anyone to handle while the betting range is on the lower spectrum, with max bets of $18.00. It would have been better if the minimum was less than $2.25 per spin, but this is still an amount most bankrolls can cope with. The game offers rather low volatility and is the perfect alternative for first-timers who are still new to the entire online slot experience.

Truck Stop Slot
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