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Wealth Spa

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wealth spa slotWealth Spa is a Microgaming slot game, featuring different spa procedures. Arguably, the theme of this game is somewhat strange and it is not quite clear what demographic it was meant to target. Despite that, the game is colorful and quirky and perhaps it will be appealing to more people than we suspect. It comes with 5 reels and 20 individual paylines.

The betting limits are not quite as liberal as most gamblers would expect from a Microgaming slot, with the highest possible bet going only up to 20.00. You can bet up to 20 coins on each payline, that can have a value of up to 0.05. This is significantly lower than most other games from this software provider can offer, so this leads us to believe that high rollers will not be fully satisfied from this factor alone.

Special Symbols

The symbols in Wealth Spa portray different spa procedures, such as massages, mud baths, and saunas, among others. The game pays left to right, meaning that each winning combination has to begin at the leftmost reel and continue along the set paylines. Normally, you would need 3 or more of the same symbol to receive a payout. Apart from the basic symbols, there are also several special ones that you will encounter in Wealth Spa, more specifically the Wild, the Scatter, and the Token.

The Wild symbol in this game is represented by the ‘Wealth Spa’ logo and it can be used as any other basic symbol on the active paylines. The Scatter takes the form of a Golden Card, but it does not actually trigger any free spins or bonus rounds. Instead, it only has the ability to pay in both directions, which is disappointing. Additionally, it is not as rewarding as one might expect, paying only 50x the bet size when you hit 5 of them.

The Token symbol, on the other hand, can actually trigger one of the several bonus rounds, but you must first collect five of them. You collect a Token each time it lands on the middle position of the fifth reel. If instead, it lands on the top or bottom position, it will reward you with double the bet size.

Wealth Spa Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a Payline Three on a Payline Four on a Payline Five on a Payline
Gold Card 0 2 10 50
Orange Juice 0 5 10 50
Fresh Salad 0 6 15 60
Stones 0 8 20 80
Oils 0 10 25 100
Gown 0 15 30 150
Reception 0 20 60 600
Pool 0 30 80 800
Sauna 0 40 100 1000
Massage 0 50 250 1500
Bath 0 75 500 2000
Slot’s Logo /Wild/ 0 100 1000 5000

Bonus Rounds and Features

There are five different mini-games in Wealth Spa that can be triggered once you collect 5 Tokens. Each of these is a pick-and-choose type section, where your choices can be rewarded with cash prizes or free spins. These free spins game does guarantee a minimum reward, but the feature cannot be retriggered by any means, which will no doubt prove to be disappointing to most players. Other than that, there are no other features worth mentioning. This does not bode well for the game since it typically does not offer much in the way of value.


Overall, Wealth Spa is one of the most disappointing games from Microgaming that we have ever come across. It does not offer you anything that is exceptional or even worthwhile. The paytable is average at best, terrible at worst. The bonus round can only be triggered once you collect five Tokens that land on a specific position one by one, a condition which is far too random even for genre based on randomness. Even when you do manage to meet the requirement, the rewards hardly seem worth the effort. When all is said and done, Wealth Spa does not have anything good going for it and it is best advised to seek out some other slot game.

Wealth Spa Slot
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