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Wild Wishes

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wild wishes slotAnyone who has ever read Arabian Nights as a child is well familiar with the story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp. Most children have probably dreamed of getting their hands on the said lamp so that the genie can fulfill three of their dearest wishes. However, adults need no genie nor a magic lamp for that – all they have to do to have their wishes come true is give the five reels of Playtech’s Wild Wishes a spin.

This slot is equipped with special symbols and a plethora of enticing extra features for more winning opportunities. There are 15 fixed paylines that increase to 40 during free spins. The graphics are spectacular and exceptionally crisp, but it need be said the Playtech developers appear to have been heavily influenced by Disney’s 1992 rendition of the well-known fairy tale.

The reels are set against a backdrop that resembles the fictional city of Agrabah to a shocking extent. Some of the symbols to land on the reels are also borrowed from the animated flick as you will see street urchin Aladdin, what appears to be Princess Jasmine, and the power-thirsty villain Jafar. Betting starts at the humble amount of $0.15 so having a huge bankroll is not a requirement to enjoy the game.

Special Symbols

The three top payers in this colorful Playtech slot are the three main characters from the popular story, Aladdin, the evil-looking magician, and the beautiful princess. These are followed by the snake and the pair of saber swords. The developers have opted for precious stones of various colors and shapes for the low paying symbols in the game, which comes as a breath of fresh air since regular reel spinners usually grow bored with the standard playing cards’ initials.

One of the symbols deserves special attention. The icon in question is the genie who is wild in this game and appears stacked on the second, third, and fourth reels to substitute for all symbols, with no exceptions. However, when the wild genie appears during the round of free spins, it dramatically improves your chances of success since it can land on all five reels, either in stacks or individually. It also is the top paying symbol in the game, along with the main protagonist Aladdin, and can earn you the handsome reward of 750 times your line bet.

Wild Wishes Slot Paytable
Symbol Two on a payline Three on a payline Four on a payline Five on a payline
Square Gem 0 3 15 50
Diamond 0 3 15 50
Circle Gem 0 5 20 75
Romb Gem 0 5 20 75
Elypse Gem 0 5 25 100
Saber Swords 0 5 40 150
Snake 0 5 40 150
Jafar 0 15 75 300
Princess Jasmine 0 15 75 300
Aladdin 0 20 100 750
The Genie /Wild/ 0 20 100 750

Bonus Games and Features

The developers at Playtech have certainly invested lots of time and a good amount of effort into molding Wild Wishes into a truly engaging, fun-filled and playable game. With so many additional features to activate, players definitely have enough to occupy their minds and prevent them from losing interest in the slot.

Allow us to begin with the round of bonus spins. As you play Wild Wishes, you most definitely will notice that there are five lamps above the top row of the reels. Each time you hit a winning combination, the first lamp magically lights up to award you with a free re-spin. A consecutive win during a re-spin causes yet another lamp to light up, rewarding you with one more free round. When four lamps light up, you get 7 free games but you should really be aiming at lighting up all five lamps in a row since this can earn you up to 50 spins at no charge.

This is when the magic actually happens. The five lamps give way to an additional, fourth row of symbols and the number of paylines jumps from 15 to 40, allowing for a greater number of winning opportunities. The transformation of the slot is dramatic, to say the least, as a cloud of pink smoke curls up from the magic lamp each time the reels spin for you at no charge.

Do not forget that the genie appears in stacks as well as individually on all five reels for the duration of the feature, which makes for more winning combinations. The smoke covers some of the positions on the reels and if the genie wild lands on one of those, it transforms all symbols within the smoke cloud into wilds.

Last but definitely not least, there is a Feature Bet functionality in Wild Wishes which gets activated by the button standing immediately to the left of the Spin button in the control bar. This option is viable for players with bigger bankrolls as it increases bets with ten extra units i.e. your bet will be boosted from $0.15 to $0.25, for example. When you activate the Feature Bet, the first lamp on top of the screen will automatically light up, meaning that you will have to light only three of the lamps with successive wins to trigger the free spins.


It is not difficult to notice that a lot of thought and originality have been put into the creation of this slot, which is only natural considering it carries the brand name of the industry innovator Playtech. The fantastic extra features are the main claim to fame of this game. Most video slots would normally offer wilds and free spins, but few are the games where additional rows and paylines appear when you activate the bonus round.

Some Playtech slots come with a functionality similar to the Feature Bet as they add an extra 50% to your overall stake, allowing you to collect higher payouts on winning combinations. The Feature Bet is different in that it is much more cost-effective since it only adds ten units to players’ bets and improves their chances of triggering the free spins round by lighting up one of their magic lamps.

Add the extra-sharp graphics and the polished animations to the mix and you certainly will have nothing to complain about. The RTP is also quite decent for such an elaborate game. The bottom line is you do not need to rub a magic lamp to have your “wildest wishes” fulfilled – giving this well animated Playtech offering a spin or two might do.

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