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Zany Zebra

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Zany Zebra SlotZany Zebra is part of Microgaming series of classic slot games. As with the rest, Zany Zebra features only 3 reels much like the original fruit machines. Where this game differs from the norm is in the inclusion of paylines, of which they are five. This also affects the betting limits since you can bet on each payline.

One coin may be wagered per line, that can have a value of up to 5.00. With some very difficult calculations, we can see that the maximum possible bet in Zany Zebra goes up to 25.00, which is by no means bad, especially for a classic slot.

Special Symbols

Zany Zebra is a classic slot game and so it features many symbols normally associated with the genre. Here you will find Sevens, Bar symbols, Bells, and the Zebra symbol. The Zebra is unique to this game and it also serves as a Wild, being able to stand in for any other symbol on the paylines. Winning combinations in this game are formed when you line up 3 of the same symbol on the paylines. The inclusion of the Wild is not often seen in classic slots, as most try to remain true to the old machines, that came with no special features. Still, the Wild symbol has the potential to bridge the gap between classic and modern slots, making the genre more accessible to a new demographic.

Bonus Rounds and Features

As we have mentioned several times, Zany Zebra is a classic slot and thus it does not come with any bonus rounds or features that affect the gameplay in any significant manner. The base game is all that is available, which may not be satisfactory for all players. To sweeten the pot, the software provider has increased the payouts to be much higher than the average slot game. As a result, the size of each payout is equal or greater than the size of the triggering bet. Zany Zebra features the following paytable:

Zany Zebra Slot Paytable
Symbol Payout
3x Any Bar 5
3x Single Bar 10
3x Double Bar 40
3x Triple Bar 100
3x Bell 200
3x Seven 300
3x Wild 1st Payline 1000
3x Wild 2nd Payline 2000
3x Wild 3rd Payline 3000
3x Wild 4th Payline 4000
3x Wild 5th Payline 6000

There are also the Wild combinations to take into account, though some of them can only be formed when you play on all paylines. Since every payline increases the size of the overall bet, Wild combinations formed on certain paylines pay significantly more than others.


Overall, Zany Zebra is an interesting slot game that serves its purpose well. The paytable is quite rewarding, allowing you to bring in a nice boost to your bankroll every now and then. The graphics are not exactly good, but they are not terrible either, so it comes down to personal preference. Gameplay is fast and fluid, allowing you to play without issue for hours on end. When all is said and done, fans of classic slots will certainly enjoy Zany Zebra and we can wholeheartedly recommend it.

Zany Zebra Slot
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