Aces and Faces 4 Play Power Poker

Aces and Faces 4 Play Power Poker

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Aces and Faces 4 Play Power PokerAces and Faces 4 Play Power Poker is a variation of traditional video poker and can be played at many different Microgaming-powered online casinos. This game takes its inspiration from the popular version of video poker called Aces and Faces.

The betting limits in Aces and Face 4 Play Power Poker are quite acceptable for a video poker title. You can wager up to 5 coins per hand, with each coin having an assigned value between 0.25 and 5.00. Since the game is played with 4 hands simultaneously, you can bet up to 100.00 on each game, which should be enough for even the most hardcore high rollers.

Gaming Experience

Playing video poker is one of the best gambling experiences that you may have at an online casino. This game is on par with anything that you may find in a land-based casino and is perhaps even better than most physical casino offerings, due to the inherent convenience of being able to play anywhere. The graphics of Aces and Faces 4 Play Power Poker are what you would expect to be. Video poker visuals have never been impressive in the traditional sense since the software providers choose to prioritize functionality over aesthetics. The user interface in the game is clear and understandable and will allow you to conduct your game session with no hassle.

Aces and Faces 4 Play Power Poker Payout
Hand Payout
Jacks or Better 5
Two Pairs 10
3 of a Kind 15
Straight 20
Flush 25
Full House 40
4 Two’s through Ten’s 125
4 Jacks, Queens, Kings 200
Straight Flush 250
4 Aces 400
Royal Flush 4000

Specific Features

Aces and Face 4 Play Power Poker comes with two specific features that will make the game all the more memorable. First is the 4 Hands feature for which the game is named. Essentially, you get to play with 4 unique hands at the same time. The way this works is the game deals a single hand and you decide which cards you wish to keep or discard. After your choice is made, the cards you chose to keep will appear in each of the four hands, with the others being completely random. Each hand is independent of the other, in the sense that the kept cards are the only thing they share. Each hand will award a specific payout, according to the paytable and the combination that you received.

The other feature worth noting is the Double offer. After each winning game, you will have the option of doubling your winnings. You will be taken to a different screen where five random cards will be dealt. The leftmost card will then be revealed and you will have to pick another that has a higher value. Picking correctly will reward you with a 2:1 payout, while a wrong guess will forfeit your winnings. In the event that you choose a card with the same value, a tie will be proclaimed. At this point, you will have to choose whether to continue staking your winnings or to collect them.


Overall, Aces and Faces 4 Play Power Poker is a fun and engaging game. Much like any other video poker game, you will have to put in some thought and consideration when playing each hand. This is perhaps the best aspect of video poker in general, in that it rewards skilled plays. This game is no different in this regard and making smart decisions will bring in a wonderful boost to your bankroll. Players should, however, be careful with their bets. Since the game features four individual hands and a bet must be placed on each, this could have you burning money much quicker than normal should things go awry. If you are a fan of video poker we are certain that Aces and Faces 4 Play Power Poker will be to your liking.

Aces and Faces 4 Play Power Poker
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