Deuces and Joker 4 Play Power Poker

Deuces and Joker 4 Play Power Poker

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Deuces and Joker 4 Play Power PokerDeuces and Joker 4 Play Power Poker is part of Microgaming’s video poker selection and can be found in almost any online casino that works with this software provider.

The game is inspired by the traditional Deuces and Joker style but it also comes with its own unique take, which we will explore later. The betting limits in this game will be able to satisfy any gambler, including the players who wager pennies and the high rollers who stake hundreds.

Gaming Experience

Playing Deuces and Joker 4 Play Power Poker is can be a fun and engaging activity, with the added benefit of winning a good sum of money. Like any other video poker game, this one too rewards skill and strategic decisions. The graphics of the game are nothing too fancy, but then again video poker rarely is played for its visual appeal. Instead, the developers have focused on usability and functionality, making the user interface as accessible as possible. As a result, you will have no trouble understanding what is happening on screen or what you are supposed to do. The hands are clearly visible, as are the bets and other settings. If at any point you feel that you do not understand something you can always refer to the help menu, where you will find all relevant information about the game.

Deuces and Joker 4 Play Power Poker Payout
Hand Payout
3 of a Kind 5
Straight 10
Flush 15
Full House 15
4 of a Kind 15
Straight Flush 30
5 of a Kind 45
Wild Royal Flush 60
4 Deuces 125
Natural Royal Flush 4000
4 Deuces and a Joker 10000

Specific Features

Deuces and Joker 4 Play Power Poker incorporates several elements found in slot games. For example, the Two and Joker cards will serve as Wilds. This means that they will be able to substitute for any missing card when it would have otherwise formed a winning hand. This is done regardless of the color or suit of the Twos and Jokers. There have been video poker games that use such a feature, but typically there is only one card that serves as a Wild, whereas in this one we can play with two. This will only further increase your chances of scoring a win.

Additionally, this game allows you to play with multiple hands at the same time. Basically, you will be dealt a single hand and you will get to choose which cards you wish to keep. When this is done, whatever cards you kept will be present in four different hands. Each hand is independent of the other and will form its own winning combinations. For each hand, you will be asked to place a bet, which will drive the size of the bets slightly higher than usual.

There is also the Gamble feature to consider. After every win, you will have the opportunity to increase your winnings several times over. When you click on the Double button, you will be taken to a different screen, where you five cards will be dealt. The leftmost card will be revealed and you will be asked to pick a card with a higher value. A correct guess will award you with a payout of 2 times the size of your winnings.


Overall, Deuces and Joker 4 Play Power Poker is an intriguing game that will no doubt bring you many hours of fun and enjoyment. While this may not be a traditional video poker title, it still retains the best aspects of the genre and will be just as rewarding. Any video poker fan will be delighted to play this and we wholeheartedly recommend that you do so.

Deuces and Joker 4 Play Power Poker
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