Double Joker 4 Play Power Poker

Double Joker 4 Play Power Poker

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Double Joker 4 Play Power PokerDouble Joker 4 Play Power Poker is a fantastic, action-packed variation of video poker which was developed by Microgaming. It has a clean, convenient design, two Wild cards added, while players can bet on 4 hands simultaneously.

Double Joker 4 Play Power Poker is a wonderful multi-hand game available for instant play in many online casinos which offer Microgaming software. It is part of the so-called Power Poker gaming collection of the developer, which means that it is played not with a single hand as regular video poker, but instead, with several hands at once. The other highlight of the game is also suggested in the title – it comes with 2 Jokers, which can replace other cards in combinations. This creates new hands, different payouts, and a little diversion from the standard rules.

Players who want to try this exciting video poker game should first adjust their bet. They can wager from 1 to 5 coins per hand and choose a denomination ranging from 0.25 to 5.00 credits. As players bet on 4 hands simultaneously the coins wagered are multiplied by 4 and the minimum stake stands at 1.00 credits. Those who wager 5 coins of max value will pay 100.00 credits per round.

Gaming Experience

Although Microgaming’s Power Poker editions seem too hard at first sight, they are, in fact, quite simple to understand, including Double Joker 4 Play Power Poker. In most casinos, it can be found under the name Double Joker Power. It is played with 54 cards – a standard deck of cards plus 2 Jokers, but as it is a multi-hand game, 4 decks of cards are used separately for the 4 hands.

When players place their bet and hit the Deal button, they are dealt 5 cards in the lower half of the screen. They need to choose which cards to hold and which to replace, and then click Draw. Above the initial, or decision hand, 4 rows of 5 cards each are dealt. When players hold cards, these cards are also held in the 4 additional hands. After the second draw, all discarded cards are replaced and the computer decides whether winning combinations are formed or not.

This can be seen in the pay table, which is located on the left side of the screen. Changing the bet from 1 to 5 coins is also reflected in the payouts displayed there.

Double Joker 4 Play Power Poker Payout
Hand Payout
Two Pairs 5
Three of a Kind 10
Straight 15
Flush 20
Full House 25
Four of a Kind 40
Straight Flush 125
Five of a Kind 250
Joker Royal Flush 500
Natural Royal Flush 4000

Specific Features

The 2 Jokers added in this game increase the chances of hitting winning combinations because they function as Wild cards or substitutes. For instance, a hand containing 2 Aces and a Joker will pay for a hand of 3 Aces, but there is a chance for 2 Jokers to appear. Then, players can form a Four of Kind and receive 40 coins. However, there are exceptions and the Wild Jokers cannot complete a Natural Royal Flush, which is the highest paying hand, offering 500 coins on a 1-coin bet and the jackpot of 4,000 coins when 5 coins are wagered.

When a Royal Flush is formed with the help of one or two Jokers, it pays 500 coins on a 5-coin bet, which is a lot less than the Natural Royal Flush. Another interesting hand in this variation of video poker is the Five of a Kind, which is a combination of 4 cards of the same value and 1 Joker. The payout is 50 coins on a 1-coin bet, which makes it the third best combination.

All these advantages, however, come at a cost and players do not win if they get a Jacks or Better hand. Instead, the lowest paying combination is Two Pairs, which pays evenly.


Classic video poker games have a certain appeal for some casino players, but can easily become monotonous and boring. Microgaming’s Double Joker 4 Play Power Poker is, in contrast, much more interesting with the additional Wild cards and the fact that you can play 4 hands at the same time. The multi-play nature of the game is also reflected in the bet size, which is why players are advised to carefully select a coin size that is the most suitable to their bankroll.

For this reason, Double Joker 4 Play Power Poker is not recommended for first-time players and is more suited to those who have a better understanding of the rules, as well as more experience in playing video poker. Other than that, the design of this Microgaming release is very simple and convenient, while in terms of expected returns, the game is rather average with an RTP of 98.10%.

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