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Jacks or Better by Microgaming

One of the most popular versions of poker out there, Jacks or Better is a household name in every casino’s game list. The guys at Microgaming have decided to strip their game of much of any flash, though it is everything most players need.

The game rules are the same as those of original poker, except that the minimal winning hand is a pair of Jacks, hence the name. Anything stronger than Jacks is, of course, also paid accordingly. There is also the Double feature, which lets you risk winnings for a chance to double them by guessing a card to beat the dealer’s. The lack of any other extra mechanics makes this game a good starting point for beginner poker enthusiast, while it still provides the adrenaline rush of any poker game.

Bets start from €0.25 and go up to €25. Two Jacks pay a x1 at the minimum bet, while a Royal Flush has the cache of gold with 4 000 coins in store for the rarest hand at maximum bet.

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