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Joker Power Poker

Another Microgaming take on the poker game, Joker Power Poker presents players with a mid-tier poker game, as regards to difficulty to master, while it is still every bit as rewarding and exciting as the original. The game bears the Microgaming trademark of minimalistic, somewhat old school visual style.

Joker Power Poker differentiates from other incarnations of the card game by a fundamental mechanic. Each turn, after you’ve decided which cards you want to keep, you play not one, but four hands, significantly bumping up chances of landing winning combinations. Payouts suffer to compensate, however, with a very high bar for minimum wins. The game also includes a Double feature, letting you bet your winnings for a chance to double them by choosing a random card to beat the dealer’s.

The game allows betting of up to 5 coins for total wagers ranging between €1 and €100. The minimum win at the minimum bet is a x1 on your bet for kings or better, or two pairs. Meanwhile, the maximum is awarded for a natural royal flush and grants 5 000 coins!

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