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Poker Pursuit SlotPoker Pursuit is a Microgaming poker title that seeks to combine casino poker with video poker. This is one of the lesser known Microgaming games, which is a shame since it brings some interesting concepts to the table that really should be discussed.

Poker Pursuit is an old game by all accounts and so it has mostly faded from memory, but it can still be found in various online casinos. As a result, we feel compelled to talk about it and maybe shed some light on this mostly forgotten game.

Gaming Experience

The visuals of Poker Pursuit closely resemble those of the video poker games that so many gamblers adore. The user interface is mostly clean, with the paytable being positioned on the top part of the screen, while the hand you are playing can be found beneath that. On the bottom of the screen, you will be able to adjust the size of your bets, see your casino balance, and access the Help menu, where all relevant information about the game can be found. It is very easy to just look the screen and figure out what can be done, which is not something many games can boast.

Poker Pursuit Payout
Hand 1 Coin 2 Coins 3 Coins
Tens or Better 2 4 6
Two Pair 3 6 9
3 of a Kind 4 8 12
Straight 6 12 18
Flush 9 18 27
Full House 12 24 36
4 of a Kind 50 100 150
Straight Flush 200 400 600
Royal Flush 1000 2000 3000

Specific Features

The most striking thing about this game is how it is represented as video and casino poker at the same time. Basically, you place your bet and are dealt 3 cards. Based on what you are dealt, you get to choose whether to raise the bet or continue as is. It may be confusing for some poker players since the Call button does not actually require you to place money. In fact, it serves as what a Check would be in traditional poker. You are dealt one more card and you get to make the same choice again, after which you are given your fifth and final card. Based on what cards you have received, you can receive a payout according to the paytable above. Unlike video poker, however, you may not discard any cards, what you are dealt is what you have on that hand.

Not every hand is a winning one, however. The minimum qualifying hand is a pair of Tens or higher. This is where the game resembles video poker and not in a good way. The best feature of video poker is that you can change cards and receive new ones. In this game, you are stuck with what you receive until the hand plays out. This might leave you in a precarious position, which is not something that anyone enjoys.


It becomes quite clear why this game is not favored by fans. Traditionally, most poker games have some level of skill involved, where knowledge and experience are rewarded. In Poker Pursuit there are no such aspects to be found. Since you do not have any choices to make, you are utterly left to the game’s mercy as to what the outcome will be. In this regard, the game resembles slot machines much more than it does any poker game. Fans of poker will be left disappointed in how poorly the game is played and are bound not to spend too much time with it. Overall, the moral of the story is that poker games that give the player no control whatsoever are not fun to play.

Poker Pursuit
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