Tens or Better 4 Play Power Poker

Tens or Better 4 Play Power Poker

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Tens or Better 4 Play Power PokerTens or Better is a popular video poker variation that is easy to grasp and play, and it is tried at least once by every poker lover. Microgaming’s Tens or Better 4 Play Power Poker has a fun twist on the classic game, namely the fact that it allows players to bet on multiple hands at once.

This game is one of the many Power Poker titles developed by the leading casino software provider Microgaming and it is, of course, based on the standard Tens or Better where the minimal winning hand is a pair of Tens. The multi-hand nature of this release makes it more appealing to players, while at the same time, it also makes it riskier as the stakes are higher for each round. Four hands are played simultaneously and the bet is, therefore, multiplied by four. There is also an exciting extra option, where players can gamble their winnings and try to double them, relying on luck only. Before that, however, they need to adjust their bets by choosing to wager from 1 to 5 coins in denominations ranging from 0.25 to 5.00 credits. Each bet can then cost from 1.00 to 100.00 credits.

Gaming Experience

Tens or Better 4 Play Power Poker does not feature any great animations or exceptional graphical quality. On the contrary, the game has a simple design and a convenient layout that makes it easy to understand even by novice players. The pay table with all winning hands and their payouts is displayed on the right side of the screen, while on the left, we have the so-called decision hand and the four hands that appear during the second draw above it.

When the player places a bet and hits the Deal/Draw button, 5 cards are dealt for the decision hand – some or all of them can be replaced so that the best combination can be formed. This game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards and each of the 4 hands is dealt from their own decks. So, for each of them, the odds of forming a winning hand are the same. When the player decides which cards to hold, new cards are dealt in all 4 hands, replacing the discarded ones. If there are winning combinations, their respective payouts are highlighted in the pay table and credited to the player.

After each win, players can choose the Double button and enter the Double or Nothing side game, where they are presented with 5 cards. One of them is face-up – this is the dealer’s hand, while the others are face-down and the aim is to pick a card that is higher than the dealer’s. If players manage to get a higher card, their win is doubled; otherwise, they lose.

Tens or Better 4 Play Power Poker Payout
Hand Payout
Tens or Better 5
Two Pairs 10
Three of a Kind 15
Straight 20
Flush 25
Full House 30
Four of a Kind 125
Straight Flush 250
Natural Royal Flush 4000

Specific Features

Although Tens or Better 4 Play Power Poker is based on Microgaming’s Tens or Better, it comes with an interesting improvement, allowing poker fans to play 4 hands simultaneously. There is no bet on the initial hand – it serves only as a decision hand and the held cards from it are duplicated in the four hands dealt in the second draw. For this reason, the size of the bet is always multiplied by 4 for each round.

Choosing the right bet is essential for one more reason and this is jackpots that can be won when betting 4 and 5 coins. Players can receive the top payout of 4,000 coins when they make a Royal Flush but decreasing the number of coins wagered also decreases the jackpot. Those who play with 4 coins can win 3,000 coins for a Royal Flush, while those who wager 3 coins can win up to 2,000 coins. If they play with 2 coins, the jackpot is 1,000 coins, but when they wager only 1 coin per hand, the top prize sinks to the not-so-attractive 500 coins.

However, with all bets multiplied by 4, this game can be quite costly for some players. If you cannot afford to play with the maximum stakes (100.00 credits), you can keep wagering all 5 coins, but decrease their value to the minimum of 0.25 credits. In that case, they will bet 5.00 credits per round.


Microgaming’s Tens or Better 4 Play Power Poker is an interesting, yet simple game which could appeal to both poker veterans and less experienced players. The rules are easy to follow but in order to avoid losing too much while playing this particular version, they need to understand the game and choose their bets wisely. The risk increases in the gamble feature, so it is definitely not recommended for novices.

This variation allows bets from 1.00 credit per round, but the maximum wager reaches 100.00 credits. Such high limits are rarely found in video poker games, so this release is a nice option even for high-rollers.

Tens or Better 4 Play Power Poker
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