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Gambling Industry Overview in Kuwait

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Flag of KuwaitKuwait is an affluent country, located on the coast of the Persian gulf. The main industries its residents are employed in are petroleum and petrochemicals but when it comes to gambling activities, citizens and tourists are usually disappointed to know that all forms of gambling are strictly prohibited on the territory of the country. Kuwaiti residents are predominantly Muslims, a religion that regards gambling as something improper and illegal. Due to the high percentage of people who practice Islam, there are neither traditional nor online casinos in Kuwait. Broadcasting gambling advertisements or publishing any other gambling-related material is punishable and anyone who violates the law should be prepared for severe penalties.

History of Gambling Regulation in Kuwait

People familiar with the matter are pessimistic about the possible legislation of gambling activities in Kuwait, regardless of the increasing demand. What is more, a special investigation was carried out a few months ago. The aim of the officials was to prevent the expansion of the gray markets and the engagement of residents in gambling activities. Kuwait officials were concerned about the increasing popularity of online gambling and the desire of locals to take part in casino games.

According to the information released, the number of people who sell virtual money to players was growing and officials wanted to curb these illegal activities and investigate the case in which Kuwait residents are reported to having participated in blackjack, poker and roulette.


Gambling Legislation in KuwaitAs mentioned earlier, no brick-and-mortar casinos are to be found in Kuwait. Mobile and online casino formats are also prohibited but it does not mean there are not any gambling activities at all.

Despite the heavy restrictions, there is a high demand for gambling activities and Kuwaiti residents usually opt for placing their bets on the unregulated markets. They either visit an illegal gambling venue or place their bets through poker or sports betting websites that accept players from Kuwait.

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Kuwaiti residents and visitors have never had the chance to take part in legal gambling activities that take place on the territory of the country. However, last year, the politician Waleed Al-Nasser expressed interest in legalizing gambling as well as alcohol consumption. The legislative matters are currently in limbo, as the announcement of Mr. Al-Nasser was really shocking to all politicians in Kuwait. However, the eventual availability of gambling and drinking options is to be a privilege to tourists only.

Online Gambling

Internet Gambling in KuwaitAs reported above, all forms of gambling are prohibited on the territory of Kuwait. As for online gambling, it is illegal as well but the gray markets are expanding and the government is taking imminent actions towards limiting that expansion. Yet, the latest reports show that online poker, blackjack and roulette are among the most desirable online casino games on the unregulated markets.

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