Introduction to Live Casino Dealers

live-dealers-groupUp to date, there is a great variety of online casinos that offer a full range of casino games that feature live dealers. The constant development of technologies, faster computing devices and increasing bandwidth have facilitated live dealer casinos’ process of becoming quite a popular way of having a good time.

Online casinos have always been focused on recreating the live casino experience in the best way possible and make it as close as the one offered in land-based brick-and-mortar casinos as possible. Live dealer casinos are among the newest and also most-preferred ways of playing casino games on the Internet by getting as much a real-life experience.

History of Live Dealer Casinos

Over the last two decades, online casinos have managed to rapidly increase their popularity and become some of the people’s favorite spots of having a good time. Most websites attract customers with luring promotions and great casino games, and they also offer special offers on a regular basis, as well as great customer support.

So, the development of Internet communications, faster network speeds and better computers have made it possible for a large number of players to enjoy live dealer casino games. Over the last decade, online gambling, and more specifically, the live dealer casino games have become a notable area that is even a worthy rival of land-based casinos.

Probably the largest obstacle faced was the fact that online casinos could not offer the same kinds of social experiences provided by real brick-and-mortar casinos. Still, the progress of technologies, as well as the convenience, the great variety of games and special offers has pushed online casinos to the top.

How Does a Live Dealer Casino Work?

As mentioned earlier, live dealer casinos offer an innovative way of providing their customers with realistic experience when it comes to traditional casino games such as blackjack, roulette and baccarat. Blackjack is actually one of the most-preferred games to play at live tables, but roulette’s popularity is constantly growing and the game is to soon become a worthy rival to blackjack.

The live dealer casino’s main principle of work is easy – the casinos use video streaming in order to get in touch with the players. The camera stream reaches the players and this is how the interaction between the casino and the players is done.

As a matter of fact, some live video streaming casinos do not really use live casino dealers. This is especially true when it comes to online poker games. Still, the games have a random number generator, and the live deal is replaced by a computer simulation.

At first glance, the live dealer games look pretty much similar to traditional casinos provided online. A large part of the game functions are handled through a special interface, which includes the player’s chips, some buttons used for placing bets or other actions over the gameplay, as well as the general table layout. The special feature included is the area of the screen where players can see the live dealer. The latter does everything that they would normally do in a land-based casino – spin the roulette wheel, deal the cards, etc. In addition, the dealer will react accordingly the player’s actions in real time.

Live dealers are usually located on a special set that is the property of the online casino, or in an actual casino venue. This is why the table and the elements of the game used to determine the results are absolutely real.


Live Dealer Casino Industry

As mentioned earlier, live dealer games are a relatively new innovation, which is rapidly increasing its popularity all over the world. Of course, such games are mostly provided in the legalized countries on the territory of Europe – the U.K., Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, etc. The industry’s increasing growth has become the reason why the profits generated from live dealer casino games are considered to form a large part of the biggest global providers’ profits.

The best part is that no special software is required to play live dealer games because the best online casinos include these games as an integral part of their standard casino lobby. So, the only thing a player needs to do is click a tab, load and play their favorite games in live casino format.

In addition, the development of computer and mobile technologies has made it possible for live dealer casino games to be offered in a mobile versions for all players, who prefer using their portable devices. The mobile devices are constantly becoming more and more sophisticated, so more and more websites are implementing mobile versions of their live dealer casino games to their platforms.

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