Live Casinos on TV

live-dealers-groupThanks to the rapid development of technologies, Smart TVs are becoming more and more popular. Some people probably do not even realize the possibilities that such TVs can give them. Over the last few years, Smart TVs have started providing users with the opportunity to access the amazing world of casino games.

Currently, different providers even broadcast several channels, where users can play and watch live casino games directly from the comfort of their home. This trend is constantly increasing its popularity and there are thousands of people, who have preferred playing casino games by using the service.

The rapidly changing world of multi-channels where the power of TV remains great, especially considering the integrated mobile solutions, Live Casino games on TV offer a large variety of new incremental revenue stream, which provides operators with the opportunity to make their brands more popular and extend their reach on the market, by attracting both beginners and experienced casino players and new demographics.

Live Dealer Casinos TV Service

Live Casinos, and in particular live dealer casino games, are offered by some of the best casinos in the world on a special schedule and on special TV channels.

Some players consider regular gameplay in online casinos as a static experience. Live dealer casinos TV service eliminates that aspect by providing players with the opportunity to comment on the game all the time and even share hot and cold numbers. The TV service also offers an update on the winners, and the presenters give their best in order to offer them the best time ever.

The experience offered by such channels and services is literally interactive, with excellent on-screen graphics that add to the information already displayed on the player’s computer, mobile device or TV set.

The casino games are played really simple. The player is only required to log on to the casino’s website or access their account on their portable device while watching the gameplay on their TV. The wagers are made from the computer or mobile device used, and the results are presented right away. The share winners screen names and winnings are immediately started by the presenter, who also updates the hot numbers and trends.

Players get their winnings immediately in their accounts and are provided by the TV casino presenter with about a minute or a minute and a half to place their next bets.



Live dealer casinos are also known for offering a great deal of advantages to both casual and more serious players.

First, there are low minimum bets that can be extremely helpful, especially for beginners, as they provide them with the opportunity to test new betting systems and strategies. In addition, tables are always open for new players and users are not required to wait hoping they find a seat at a certain table.

Players get information from the live casino TV presenter about the hot and cold numbers and trends that are also displayed on the screen. Players are also usually given the trends at the beginning of the broadcast, so they can consider what can be accomplished over the gameplay.

Another advantage is the fact that the game normally goes more quickly than usual, as the computer keeps track on the winnings, payouts and other statistics of great importance. For example, in live casinos on TV players get between 40 to 60 spins on an hourly basis, while at a brick and mortar casinos, they get only between 20 and 35.

Convenience is also probably one of the first things that come to the player’s mind when it comes to live casinos TV services. Players are given the opportunity to play for any amount of time they wish and all of this happens from the comfort of their home. They also get some special bonus schemes and extra betting options.


Super Casino

Super Casino, which is a property of the gambling entertainment corporation NetPlay TV Plc, has been the first casino to provide interactive TV gaming services. Currently, NetPlay that is based in the U.K. and listed at AIM claims to be the first company of such type on the territory of the company. It has a market value of almost £33 million and has been attracting more and more customers.

Its Super Casino platform has been granted a license by the U.K. Gambling Commission. Currently, it offers not only the NetPlay’s live dealer roulette and its variations (Live Roulette, Roulette Express and Roulette Express Premium), but also Playtech’s live dealer games (blackjack, roulette, baccarat).

The Casino is streamed on the TV from the NetPlay’s TV studio based in London. It can be played on both users’ personal computers and their Android- and iOS-based mobile devices. The live dealer games powered by Playtech are streamed from the provider’s dealer studio located in Riga, Latvia. The games are currently available for watch and play during the restricted broadcast schedule on subscription and free on-air channels.

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