Live Dealer Casino Games

live-dealers-groupAt the dawn of the online casino industry development, players were not too convinced that the RTG of the games is fair enough and the majority of them thought that the live dealer casinos would never provide them with as satisfactory gaming experience as brick and mortar ones.

However, things have changed over time and no one could prevent the expansion of the sector. Today, more and more players prefer the comfort live dealer casinos ensure as the advanced technologies make it possible to experience a game of outstanding quality. The battle between the traditional and online casinos is half won due to the fact online casino software providers are constantly struggling to enhance their products.

Live dealer casinos are probably the best alternative if you want to have a unique gaming session without even leaving your home. There is another side of the coin, though. Despite their growing popularity, live dealer casinos are expensive to maintain and that is the main reason why players are not able to play a larger variety of games. Yet, every prosperous live dealer casino has roulette, blackjack, sic bo, baccarat and their most common variations. You can play from any location for real money.

Live Blackjack

Every self-respecting live dealer casino has blackjack among the available options. The most widespread forms are the classic multi-player table featuring 7 seats and the so-called 1 to many option. The latter, however, is not too appealing to those players who prefer engaging in a traditional game of blackjack. Plus, the deal convention is a bit altered in order to make it possible for one dealer to deal to as many players as possible.

Speaking of the classic 7-seat blackjack table, it has one disadvantage. During the peak hours of the live dealer casino, you might be supposed to wait until there is an available seat for you. If you opt for baccarat or roulette, however, you will not have to face such inconveniences.

Yet, the online casinos are constantly expanding and adding more games to their portfolio in order to meet the increasing demand for high-quality blackjack live dealer casino games. In most cases, live dealer blackjack pays 3:2.


Live Roulette

Roulette is the perfect game that can be played in a live dealer casino format as it is a single table and the croupier can handle an infinite number of playing requests. In other words, whenever you log into your account you will be eligible for instant play.

The most widespread variations of Roulette are available in live casinos. Most players usually engage in European roulette but French and American roulette also have their fans.

There is no difference between the wheels and the tables available in traditional and online casinos. The odds, payouts and bets are also the same.

However, playing roulette in an online format has an advantage over the traditional one. The live dealer casinos offer an excellent betting interface that enables you to place special wagers, keep track of your betting history and play on several tables at the same time.

Although none of these factors has a positive impact on the odds or the outcome of the game, players still love them because they are convenient and bring the excitement they are looking for.


Live Baccarat

It is not surprising that baccarat was the first game that was available in live dealer casinos. It is also known as the favourite game of high roller players. In most live dealer casinos, the traditional Punto Banco baccarat game is offered and there are multi-seat tables as well as single-player ones. The other variations that are among the most popular are Baccarat Pairs, In-Running, Bonus Baccarat, Super 6 Baccarat, etc. The different variations also have slight differences in the rules, so you have to get familiar with them before the start of your game session as they may vary from casino to casino.


Live Casino Hold’em

Live dealer casino poker games are slightly different from the traditional poker games available in the standard online poker rooms. First of all, players compete against the house, rather than against other players. Second, the deals are performed in real time instead of being simulated by computer software.

As for Casino Hold’em offered by two major software developers – Evolution Gaming and Playtech, the Ante bet provides you with a few pocket cards as well as a look at the flop. In case you choose to call, you will be given a look at the dealer’s cards, River and the Turn. Your payout is determined by the hand you have. Some other variations also enable the player to check or raise after a Flop, Turn or River.

Although poker and its variations are commonly associated with bluffing, such a tactic does not work while you play at a live dealer casino.

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