Live Dealers Baccarat

live-dealers-groupBaccarat is one of the most popular and preferred casino table games offered. There are two versions of baccarat that are chosen most widely – the so-called North American version that has no banker, and the European version with a banker.

The game is quite popular all over the world because it is believed that it offers some of the best player’s odds against the house edge. Since offered, live baccarat is one of the most-liked games and attracts thousands of players with various bankrolls. Contemporary casino software allows live dealer baccarat to be played at the comfort of the player’s home without being required to do anything special.

Of course, it is highly recommended for players to check on the history of the online casinos in order to make sure they are licensed ones and complete safety is guaranteed. The casinos need to hold the appropriate gaming license in trusted and regulated jurisdictions.

The development of computer and mobile technologies also helped in making live dealer baccarat more and more popular. The rapid development of technologies, and the fact that mass market demand predetermines the online casino games offerings means that playing live dealer games, and more specifically, baccarat, is to become more and more popular.


The benefits of choosing live dealer baccarat games are mostly related with the fact that the players not only get to interact with a live dealer and eventually, other players, but they also can do that from the comfort of their home.

In addition, the software interface used for live baccarat games is usually similar to the one used at normal online casino games. The only major difference between online and live dealer game of baccarat is the fact that players are offered the additional user interface to communicate with the dealer and the rest of the players on the table. This is one of the main advantages of live baccarat, as it offers a far superior experience to players in comparison to playing at a normal online casino.

In addition, live dealer baccarat is usually bound to better welcome bonuses, which undoubtedly improve the gaming experience for players who choose to try their luck on the live dealer table.

Players must be aware of the fact that there are not many online casinos that offer an option of playing baccarat for free. The reason for this policy is simple – online casinos need to pay for the live dealers’ services, and if free versions are available, casinos risk their profits.

When it comes to the odds of live dealer baccarat compared to the ones offered in regular online versions, the live dealer version is not considered to have better chances just because a real person is dealing the cards. Generally, things will be exactly the same, no matter if it comes to a regular version in a brick and mortar casino, an online version or a live dealer game.


How to Play Live Dealer Baccarat

Baccarat is a high limits card game of chance where eight decks of cards are used. An interesting fact is that the face cards and the 10’s do not have a face value. The cards from ace to nine are counted as their respective value, as the Aces are counted as one. Players are provided with three different betting options – the Player, the Banker or a Tie, which is also known as Egalite.

The gameplay of baccarat provides players with greater gaming experience in comparison to the traditional brick and mortar casinos. In addition, the player can chat with the dealer and the rest of the players from the comfort of their home, without being made to do anything special.

They can watch the cards being dealt in real time. The gameplay is usually a bit slower than the one in the traditional online casinos because the cards are actually being dealt by the dealer, and all players are allowed to have some time for placing their bets.

Live dealer baccarat casinos are the best option for players who like higher betting limits. Most live dealer casinos that offer a game of baccarat allow stakes equal to as much as $5,000 per hand, especially when it comes to progressive betting systems or higher stakes. Of course, lower limits of about $5 per hand are also available.

The live dealer game of baccarat is no different than the regular one that is player at brick and mortar casinos. When it comes to a comparison between live dealer and standard online version of the game, the only major difference is the fact that the dealer in the live version is a real person. No software program is used to shuffle and deal the cards, so players can be absolutely sure that the game provided offers absolute fairness.

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