Live Dealers Blackjack

live-dealers-groupBack in the days when the online casino industry was not so well-developed blackjack was yet another casino game available in online format. Players were provided with a digital picture of a blackjack table and the game was run by a dealer of the software provider you have chosen.

However, the increasing demand for live dealer blackjack games of higher quality made the developers think of an unusual approach and innovative technology implementation for meeting players’ expectations. They were reluctant to continue sharing the blackjack game with a software. Yet, some of them truly believe that the old-fashioned online blackjack format could hardly be compared with the excitement of visiting a brick and mortar casino.

Now, market analysts predict a bright future to the live dealer blackjack games because of the innovative technologies applied and the constantly growing industry in general. Players who create an account in a prestigious live dealer casino say that it is even better than the games in the brick and mortar ones.

However, keeping the balance between the traditional game of blackjack and the one that is available in digital format is not too easy because of the following factors. No matter how hard developers try, the online game can hardly represent all small details incorporated in a real game. Meanwhile, developers are giving their best to take the remote blackjack games to new heights.

Live dealer Blackjack Basics

For the time being, they have obviously found the happy medium between real casino blackjack games and the image of the blackjack table that is available in a digital format only. The latter plays an important role in placing the bets and the smooth game flow. In order to stop any rumors and speculations about the authenticity of the live dealer blackjack game, developers also made it possible for the player to see how the dealer is running the game through the streaming video.

All major developers of online gaming solutions including but not limited to, NetEnt, Microgaming, Playtech, Realtime Gaming, offer high-quality live dealer blackjack games and accept international players.

Upon starting your game, you will be able to see a live broadcast of the dealer who runs the game from a specific location. Live chat option is also available and you can seek help at any time you have an issue, which makes the live dealer blackjack similar to the game players are used to when they visit traditional casinos.

Apart from the convenience it ensures, live blackjack has another important mission. There is no greater proof that your casino is a reliable one than the availability of live dealer casino games. There is no point of being suspicious about the legitimacy of the game as well because you have the opportunity to watch how the cards are dealt.

Users can be sure that they will not have issues with their funds, which is a common reason why some players refrain themselves from playing online.

Most casinos allow the players to launch a demo version of the blackjack game in order to improve their skills and understand the game basics. Once you gain enough confidence, go for the real money mode and win overwhelming amounts of money in a few minutes.

Blackjack dealer pointing a hand on the table

Blackjack has always been regarded as a fascinating and profitable game. It is known for having the best odds in the house. If you opt for a standard game of blackjack the house edge is the modest 0.5%.

As mentioned above, card counting and bluffing are not compatible with the live dealer blackjack casino game although some players are tempted by the fact that there is no croupier in front of them.

Although each casino offering live dealer blackjack has a different design, screen layouts and various games, the live dealer blackjack game always follows the same rules. There is an extra screen showing the player every single move of the dealer including the shuffling and the way the cards are dealt. The player is enabled to place bets and start the game by using the available controls and interact with the dealer as if they are at a traditional casino.

In order to start playing live dealer blackjack, you have to complete the steps that include creating an account, depositing funds to your account and selecting the desired game from the list. Currently, most live casinos offer either multiplier or single player blackjack or both. The multiplier games enhance your gaming experience due to the presence of a dealer and other players on the table.

Once you select the type of game you want to play you are supposed to place a bet and the dealer lays out players’ cards.

Although live dealer blackjack is gaining more and more popularity, their variety in the online format is not too abundant. Before selecting your live dealer casino you have to conduct thorough research as well. Splitting, surrendering as well as the number of decks in the shoe may vary from casino to casino.

Blackjack dealer showing a AJ 21 hand.


For the time being, players seem keen on live dealer casino games but the software platforms do not look like they are going to provide a wider variety of these games anytime soon. Yet, the fact that more and more casinos add live dealer games to the list of functions they offer is an indication that they do realize the increasing demand for such kind of games.

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