Live Dealers Casino Hold’em

live-dealers-groupPoker is one of the most popular games on a global scale and the revival the poker industry has undergone attracted new players who are looking for profitability, excitement and innovation. The increasing demand for the latter made the poker game available in digital format. However, the opponents of online games claim that nothing compares to the feeling of being in a real brick and mortar casino. According to them, poker is a game intended for being played in a real casino but the availability of live dealer casino Hold’em made them reconsider their standpoint on the matter.

In general, players who engage in live dealer casino poker have the opportunity to choose between two game variations. The first one is the standard Texas Hold’em where nine players compete against each other. The other variation is known as the Ultimate Texas Hold’em where the player is supposed to defeat the dealer.

Before making a decision as to where you can create an account, you have to pay attention to the software the casino uses, the operating licenses it holds, the feedbacks given by customers, etc.

Admittedly, playing Hold’em with a live dealer is a great experience but you have to make the right choice as to where you can create an account. Most reputable casinos that offer Texas Hold’em also provide their players with attractive bonuses.

Although software developers are trying to make the live casino Hold’em identical with the traditional casino game, there are some differences, mentioned below.

First of all, during your game session at a live dealer casino, you will find out that the Texas Hold’em has higher minimum limits. In other words, players should be prepared to adjust their wager in accordance with the requirements of the chosen casino. Experienced players say that such a tendency for slightly increased limits is normal given the cost of maintaining a live dealer casino.

Live Dealer Hold’em Basics

Playing live dealer Hold’em requires you to understand the game basics so you can ensure the profitable and successful completion of your game session. Having a good strategy as well as being able to make decisions in a few seconds is also beneficial.

During the Hold’em gameplay, the dealer plays an important part in the process. In order to get started, you have to place an Ante bet and you will be dealt two pocket cards turned face up. The dealer also receives two cards dealt face down. A third card is given to players and each one of them has to decide whether to call or to fold. The latter option means that they lose their bets. Call requires them to place another bet that is at least two times bigger than the Ante bet they set at the beginning. Then, players are dealt two more cards each.

The player loses the round if the dealer’s hand is better. However, if the dealer and the player hands qualify, the ante bet is played in accordance with the paytable. In case the player beats dealer’s hand and qualifies, they re-gain the call bet. There is one thing that is definitely worthy of mentioning though. The player will not receive odds on the Ante bet unless they win the hand. Let’s make an example from a real casino game. Presumably, you have a Full House and the Dealer has 4 of a kind. In this case, you are not eligible for receiving neither the odds nor the bonuses the casino offers. As you have already presumed, your aim is not to defeat the other players but the dealer and get a better poker hand. In order to “qualify”, your hand must be a pair of 4’s or better.

Live Casino Dealers Hold'em Poker


In order to become really good at live dealer casino Hold’em you have to dedicate some time to learning the rules and most importantly to practice the game. Passionate players can start right away as they are not supposed to visit a brick and mortar casino. Don’t forget that you can also take advantage of the exclusive bonuses casinos offer.

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