Live Dealers Roulette

live-dealers-groupRoulette is one of the most appropriate casino games for both developers and online casino operators, because a single roulette can gather a large number of players. This is practically impossible when it comes to land-based casinos.

There are different types of roulette offered on live dealer casinos. The most common format is the European Roulette, which is a single-zero variation of the game and offers standard wagers and payouts. Another type of roulette table widely offered is the French roulette, which is also a single-zero type. The American roulette tables, which have a single and a double zero, are also available, but the European and French variations are considered more popular than it.

The design of the live dealer game’s layout and wheels is exactly the same as the ones found in a traditional land-based casino. The available bets, odds of winning and payouts are also no different than the ones provided in the traditional casinos.

Live dealer games, and more specifically, roulette, are considered to have some advantages over the “old-fashioned” way of playing at the local casino. The players are provided with “clever” betting interface, which allows them to easily place some special wagers by only one click of the mouse. They are also offered the opportunity to check on their bet history or even play multiple roulette tables at the same time – something that simply cannot happen at a land-based casino.

Differences between Live Dealer and Other Roulette Games

There are a number of differences between the live dealer and the other roulette games offered online and in land-based casinos. Normally, live dealer roulette’s gameplay is faster than the one in the brick and mortar casinos. This is mostly due to the fact that the croupiers are not required to pay the winnings of each player out.

Playing for free is possible only when it comes to Smart Live Dealer Roulette. Otherwise, just like in the land-based casinos, players are not usually allowed to play for free, as the casino needs to pay the croupiers and for the equipment.

Live dealer croupiers, and thus, games, are not always available. A large number of such games are offered on a schedule, so each roulette variation is often available at specific times only. This also makes live dealer roulette different from the standard web-based game that is offered 24/7.

When it comes to the stakes, they are normally higher in live dealer roulette in comparison to the ones offered in traditional online casinos. The minimum bet at live dealer roulette is usually estimated to $5, while the online variations usually offer a minimum bet of $1.


How Does Live Dealer Roulette Work?

Basically, there are two ways to look at the question. The first one is from the online casino operator’s side, and the other one – from the player’s side.

From the operator’s point of view, maintaining live dealer roulette tables is very much like broadcasting TV show. There is a special area for the roulette tables, which are sometimes surrounded by other games, such as live blackjack or baccarat.

The action is recorded by at least three separate cameras. One of them is taking care of the overview shooting, the second is focused on making a table shot, and the third one is focused on the roulette wheel. The last camera will be switched to the croupier once the ball lands into a certain cell of the wheel. The broadcast can be watched on the player’s TV set or simply by using the browser of their computer or portable device.

When it comes to the player’s point of view, the game of a live dealer roulette is no different than any other online game of roulette. The player is given their chips, they are allowed to place their bets and then wait for the wheel to spin. The major difference between regular web-based roulette and live dealer roulette is the action. If available, the player will also be allowed to chat both with the croupier and the rest of the players. Playing live dealer roulette does not require any special equipment – the games are just recorded and streamed on the Internet. The rest of the game is handled by special casino gaming software, which is traditionally used in online casino games.


Types of Roulette Games at Live Dealer Casinos

There are several live dealer roulette variations that are available for the player. Each live dealer casino is free to make a choice on what variations to provide, but these are the most commonly offered ones:

Live Roulette

This is the standard game of roulette. The only difference with the standard online version is the fact that live roulette is broadcast. The stakes for live roulette games also vary, but it is usually a standard minimum bet of $5 that is used in most online casinos.

Low Limit (Auto) Roulette

This variation is a low limit, air-powered one.

(Auto) Roulette

The Auto Roulette is a variation of the low-limit variation. It is also fully automated and powered by air.

Mini Roulette

The Mini Roulette is also divided into three types – a social, a brown and a black version. The biggest difference between them is the color and the size of the wheel, as well as the layouts, which also differ from the rest of the roulette games.

Rapid Roulette

The Rapid Roulette is a unique variation that is faster than the standard roulette played in online casinos. This type is usually chosen by players who want to play in case they are aimed at getting more bets in.

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