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microgaming-logoMicrogaming is a leading developer of gaming solutions. The company has a rich history and loyal users who appreciate the efforts developers put into providing them with top class gaming products. The company was established back in 1994 and its headquarters are based in the Isle of Man. Microgaming takes pride in having developed a great number of games compatible with desktop and mobile devices. Since the company has always striven for perfection, live dealer casino games were launched and developers are constantly adding new exciting features.

The development of the live dealer casino was started nine years ago and the first live game available in digital format was baccarat. Over time, the portfolio has been slowly but surely expanded and now, players can enjoy roulette, blackjack and Hold’em poker as well.

Live Roulette

The year 2009 saw an upgrade in the Microgaming live casino roulette. Although the payouts and the rules remained the same, players were enabled to enjoy an enhanced interface.

The upgraded version of the Microgaming live roulette includes the so-called multiple-live-game-play feature, which means that the player can engage in more than one live dealer game simultaneously. The video was also improved and allows better viewing.

Yet another alteration in the roulette was the browser play. In other words, players are not supposed to download special software in order to gain access to the live dealer roulette.

Microgaming offers live European Roulette but it cannot be played in demo mode. In order to get started, you have to deposit funds into your account. Players can also keep track of their betting history and engage in single and multiple player tables.

Live Baccarat

Microgaming has released live baccarat featuring multi-player and Dragon Bonus. Both of them are dealt from an 8-deck shoe. The standard payouts in both of them are 1:1 for Player, 1:1 less 5% vigorish for Banker. Tie bets pay 8:1.

The enhanced version of the live baccarat is much better than the older one when it comes to interface and playing options.

Here is a brief explanation of the game controls while playing live dealer baccarat.

“Add Table” allows you to pick another game and play two or more at the same time.

“Detach Video” enables the player to have a better view of the game by enlarging the screen.

However, there is neither free play options nor live chat options are available during the live dealer Microgaming games.

Baccarat Turbo

Baccarat Turbo is similar to the classic version but as it name implies, the game action unfolds faster, which, therefore, enables users to play more hands as compared to those played in standard mode over a certain period of time.

Another advantage of playing Baccarat Turbo is that the betting limits are quite flexible so as to meet the demands of high roller and mass players. Once the hand ends, the player must place their next bet in less than 10 seconds and adjust the game controls.


Live Blackjack

The game, developed by Microgaming is the European version of the blackjack and it was initially launched in 2010. After the upgrade it went through, the video quality was considerably enhanced. In addition, the gaming floor background looks much better than the previous one.

As for the options you might consider convenient, these are:

  • Video Options that allow the player to enlarge the screen and adjust the game controls in accordance with their preferences.
  • Multiple Games make it possible more than one games to be played at the same time.
  • Bet Behind is a convenient feature that allows you to place bets as an independent player or just bet behind a player who is already seated. The tactic is the same as the one in the brick and mortar casinos.
  • A waiting list is a great function that is activated for players who want to keep an eye on the available seats and they are immediately notified when a seat is opened. It also ensures you can play with your favourite dealer upon joining the game.
  • The Playcheck button provides information about betting history.
  • Just like the other Microgaming live dealer games, blackjack does not feature live chat and free play.
  • Blackjack pays 3:2 and split can be used once per hand. Surrender is unavailable and double down is allowed only if your cards are 9,10 or 11. However, you will not be allowed to double down after a split.


Live Poker

A few months ago, poker fans were surprised by the news that Microgaming had released Live Casino Hold’em featuring single player and multiplayer options. Live Casino Hold’em is available in the best online casinos running on the Microgaming software platform.

When you select the Live Casino Hold’em game, you will be automatically redirected to another page in order to find a suitable table for you. As soon as you place your bet, you will be able to start playing. The game requires you to take decisions quickly as if you fail to place a bet within a few seconds, you will be supposed to wait until the next round. Your hand will be automatically folded if you do not take the necessary actions during the gameplay.

Live Casino Dealers Hold'em Poker

Playboy Live Casino

Back in 2013 live casino players were delighted by the launch of the first branded live casino, inspired by the Playboy Empire of Hugh Hefner established in 1953. Playboy Live Casino features the same games, available in the standard live casino but the difference is that dealers wear the Playboy uniforms. You are eligible for engaging in Live Playboy Roulette, Blackjack, Baccarat.

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