Playtech Live Dealers

playtech-2One of the leaders in the casino and gaming software market – Playtech – has managed to create the most authentic contemporary live gaming experience thanks to its collaboration with some of the most popular European and Asian websites.

A sense of trust, security and loyalty that could be experienced in a real casino was established due to the fact that the gaming provider combined the best HD cameras with the fastest streaming technologies in the market, and also offered dedication, individual training and availability of bespoke branding.

Over the last few years, Playtech has heavily invested in its live dealer games, which offer HD streaming from the studio or the casino directly to the player’s residence. In addition, live dealer games are offered not only on computers, but also on mobile devices, and even TV. TV gaming is a relatively new option, but contemporary Smart TVs mean that games can be played simultaneously thanks to a variety of options such as IVR (voice telephony), mobile remote controller, SMS, web interface, dedicated TV Apps, etc.

When it comes to offering live dealer games, Playtech is once again among the leaders in this sector. The gaming software developer provides players with the opportunity to try the classics of online casinos – roulette, blackjack and baccarat – alongside some innovative new games’ variations such as Unlimited Blackjack, Double Screen Roulette and Casino Hold’em. There is a special VIP area for these games to be played, called the Ruby Room, which is especially suitable for high-rollers.

Because of the increasing demand in thriving markets, the provider has become more focused on offering the so-called “dedicated tables” that host native-speaking dealers in order to make players more relaxed and feel more comfortable. Playtech is also working on further customization, such as branding the tables, chips and cards to increase brand awareness.

The rapid development of technologies has influenced the provider’s offerings compatible with mobile devices. This is exactly why the company’s customers are offered the opportunity to play Playtech’s live dealer games on their Android and iOS devices, getting the best experience in the markets throughout Europe and Asia.

Live Dealer Roulette

The Euro live dealer roulette of Playtech is an enhanced online roulette variation with an outstanding renewed platform that can guarantee maximum satisfaction and great gaming experience. The upgrade includes a full studio overhaul with the new premises where the dealers are standing made even better.

The video stream’s quality is also improved thanks to a new HD quality broadcast. The extra options added that concern the game view and gameplay options can be customized by every player in order to make them more comfortable with the game.

The rules are unchanged. Both an European Roulette and a French Roulette are available. The wheel at the French roulette version is exactly the same as the one of the European version, no matter that the layout is different. There is also one massive difference when it comes to the French Roulette version – this is the La Partage Rule, according to which players lose only half of their even-money bets once a zero is hit on the wheel.


Live Dealer Blackjack

The website and software platform of Playtech’s blackjack has been recently upgraded. Of course, there was no change in the game rules and bet options, but significant enhancements have been made in the live website premises and the accompanying technologies.

The new platform is amazing thanks to the upgrades made in the dealer studio. In addition, the video quality is greatly improved by the new HD broadcast capability. More view and gameplay options are added in the website, and blackjack dealers and tables are available at any time convenient to players.

As mentioned above, the rules and odds of the game are the original ones that can be found at any online casino. Still, the live dealer blackjack provided by Playtech guarantees excellent gaming experience and maximum satisfaction.

Live Dealer Baccarat

Another one of the classic game selection is provided in a live dealer variation by the leading casino and gaming software developer – Playtech. The company offers great gaming experience and a lot of fun offering its players its new live dealer baccarat platform, which is improved in a way to bring maximum satisfaction and exquisite experience.

The premises where the live dealers are situated are upgraded, and the dealers themselves are better than ever before.


Live Dealer Unlimited Blackjack

Live Dealer Unlimited Blackjack of Playtech often comes to the rescue whenever most of the company’s other tables are busy. The table of this blackjack version can literally accommodate an endless number of players regardless the time. The experienced dealers from the special Ruby Room are aimed at making the experience unforgettable for players, who can enjoy playing from the comfort of their homes.

The Unlimited Blackjack offered by Playtech houses the basic Las Vegas rules and also support the Perfect Pairs Side Bet. The game offers a great number of betting opportunities, as well as a high-quality video streaming.

There are a lot of advantages of choosing live dealer unlimited blackjack from Playtech’s offerings. First of all, players are no more required to wait at a table, as “seats” are always available. In addition, players are allowed to play up to five hands at once, and additional winning opportunities are offered thanks to the fact that perfect pairs side bets are allowed.


Live Dealer Hold’em Poker

The Live Dealer Hold’em Poker is one of the few live online poker options ever offered. One important detail that players need to be aware of is the fact that Playtech’s Hold’em Poker in live dealer variation is a player-versus-casino game and not a player-versus-player game.

All websites that feature this Playtech game include its rules, so players are recommended to read them carefully and make sure they understand the game before playing it.

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