Pros and Cons of Live Dealer Casinos

live-dealers-groupLive Dealer Casinos play an important role in the contemporary casino industry and more and more players prefer to place a bet without leaving their home instead of visiting a brick and mortar casino. Defenders of the live dealer casino games say that there is no difference between online and offline casino games but if you are thinking of creating an account at a preferred casino that offers live dealer options, you’d better consider the advantages and disadvantages in order to be prepared for eventual inconveniences or benefits you are going to have.


One of the biggest advantages of the live dealer casinos is that they enable the players to keep track of what’s going on during the gameplay. As soon as you place your bet, you will have the opportunity to follow the ball and see where it will rest. The technology, integrated into the live dealer casinos does not leave room for doubts or suspicion about the legitimacy of the game.

In order to enhance player’s experience, many reputable live dealer casinos have a TV in the background streaming a news channel. That is made in an attempt to show players the games are not pre-recorded.

As mentioned above, the live dealer casinos offer unique gaming experience to every player and allow them to interact with dealers through the chat. There are some details that contribute to the fantastic atmosphere and make the player feel like they are in a traditional land-based casino.

During your gameplay, you will hear noises from other games and you will also be provided a glimpse at the other games that take place at the same time.

Depending on the game you choose, the action in the live dealer casino might unfold a little faster or a bit slower than what you are used to but all in all, there are 80 to 100 spins per hour during a game of roulette.

In point of fact, you are enabled to accelerate or slow down the game process. Once all steps regarding placing a bet and announcing the results are completed, another round can begin. If every spin takes a few seconds just do the math how many of them you can have in an hour.

Most casinos that also feature live dealer options offer two different bonuses for the live and the virtual casinos. The bonuses given at the virtual ones are more generous but they greatly vary from casino to casino.

As you know, entering the premises of a traditional casino does not mean you can immediately indulge yourself in a favourite casino game. Sometimes, the tables are fully occupied and you have to wait until there is an available seat for you. Opting for a live dealer casino means you will not have such kind of issues and your game will start as soon as you log into your account.



Although live dealer casino providers do their best to ensure the utmost gambling experience, some of the players think that the sounds produced by the other games and the cold “canned” noise are merely enough to make them feel like at a land-based casino. According to them, the graphics and the announcement about players who registered gained and who registered losses cannot make up for the unique atmosphere in the real casino.

As previously mentioned, running a live dealer casino is expensive and that is the reason for the small number of available games. In general, most live dealer casinos provide baccarat, roulette, blackjack and their most popular variations, while the land-based casinos enable you to move from table to table and try different exciting games. The pricey maintenance of a live dealer casino also leads to an increase in the minimum of the stakes as well. As soon as you play several games, you will notice that the minimum bets are a bit higher than those set at traditional casinos.

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