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Gambling Industry Overview in Netherlands

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Tight control over the gambling sector is imposed by the Government of the Netherlands within the boundaries of the country. Currently, the casinos on the territory of the Netherlands are managed by the local monopoly operator Holland Casino.

Flag of NetherlandsThe company was created in the middle of the 1970s and started working with the opening of the first casino in the Netherlands. Nowadays, it is an acknowledged monopolist on the gambling market in the country. The Holland Casino has fourteen casinos within the boundaries of the Netherlands, and the profits generated by them are directly transferred to the Dutch treasury.

There are a few web platforms which accept players from the Netherlands. All of the following online casinos are popular due to the variety of games they provide. Players can also take advantage of different bonuses and loyal programs. Last but not least, all of these casinos accept different payment options which can help players choose the most suitable way to top up their gaming account.

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The policy of the Netherlands is often associated with more relaxed laws. However, when it comes to gambling, and especially to web-based operations, the country’s tolerance is almost none.

The Netherlands is not entirely liberal when it comes to online gambling. The government, however, managed to restrict online poker betting which is less popular in the Netherlands compared to other European countries. This is mainly due to the fact that the government enforced aggressive measures to restrict players from competing in online poker tournaments. The country has proclaimed some games of chance are illegal due to their risk of “unfair play”.

The situation with the gambling legislation of the country is quite interesting, because of the fact that it includes the Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority that is located on the territory of the Netherlands Antilles.

Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority

Curacao is an island located in the Southern Caribbean Sea, which is part of the Dutch Caribbean. In October 2010, the region was proclaimed as a constituent country within the kingdom of the Netherlands. The Dutch Caribbean contains six island territories of the Kingdom of Netherlands. They are located in the Caribbean even though they abide by the Dutch law. Those six islands are Curacao, Aruba, Saint Maarten, Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba.
Online gambling is currently legal in Aruba and Curacao while there is no legal framework for Saint Maarten. Remote gambling is prohibited in Bonaire, Sint Eustatius and Saba.

Curacao is well-known as a part of the best regulators of web-based gambling services.

The Curacao Lisensing Authority was established more than two decades ago, which makes it one of the earliest regulators of e-gaming activities and services. With the disintegration of the regulatory legislation in the region from the Gaming Control Board of Curacao, web-based gaming turned into a major industry for the region.

The Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority has been pronounced by the local Justice Department as the authority that grants licenses to operators in the region. There is no need for companies to apply fro various licenses. Currently, Curacao provides a single license that includes all types of games of chance, skill and sports betting. The license in question is also applicable when it comes to casino operators and software providers.

In order to receive a license from the Curacao Gaming Commission, the company must meet certain requirements. Before applying for the license, the company must be registered under the Netherlands Antilles Chamber of Commerce as a legal entity. It does not matter whether it is an offshore or local company. After that, the company goes through a thorough check-up carried out by the Curacao Department of Justice. It usually takes about 6 weeks for the complete investigation of the company. Once the check-up is done, the company receives a provisional license. A great number of services and activities related to managing gaming licenses, as well as the hosting services and IT framework is currently offered by the Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority.

The Curacao Internet Gambling Association

The Curacao Internet Gambling Association (also known under the abbreviation CIGA) is fully focused on the online gambling industry in the region. The Association puts all its efforts into representing its members in the local Government, as well as in offering some help when it comes to planning and coordination of legislative matters. The members of CIGA are all certified and meet the licensing requirements of the code.

In addition, the work of CIGA’s members is monitored by the Curacao e-Gaming Licensing Authority in order to make sure they operate in correspondence with the service and customers’ standards of the region. A thorough audit trail must be kept by the Association’s members for every customer making a deposit that includes any financial transactions related to gambling activities and individual bets.

There are two types of licenses that can be issued by Curacao: a master license and a sub-license. Companies which hold the first type of license are authorized to sub-license third parties.

Relevant Gambling Legislation in the Netherlands

Gambling Legislation in NetherlandsSince the beginning of April 2012, the gambling activities and services in the Netherlands are under the monitoring, control and regulation of the local gaming authority called Kansspelautoriteit (KSA). The regulatory functions of the KSA include not only licensing, but also compliance, as well as investigating eventual violations of the Dutch Gambling Act of 1964, which is currently the main law related to these matters in the country.

The licensing procedures are supervised by the local municipalities. The latter also control the gambling services carried out in the different regions of the country, including the monitoring of gambling machines that are located in public houses.

The KSA operates under the hat of the Government of the Netherlands, but it still has the specifications of a sovereign administration. The authority played an important role in the preparations for the launch of a legal framework that is supposed to include the online gambling licenses’ distribution.

When it comes to the criminal prosecution of any violations related to gambling activities on the territory of the country, the authority for such actions is given to the Public Prosecutor. The eventual penalties in cases of violation are also described by law.

The Dutch Remote Gambling Act

The system of the Dutch gambling legislation is considered somehow limited, because it does not legalize online games of chance. Still, in May 2013, a legislative proposal for the Dutch Remote Gambling Act was issued.

The Act is the major online gambling law that sets the conditions for establishing remote or online gambling providers in the Netherlands. It comes as an amendments to the Betting and Gaming Act, the Betting and Gaming Tax Act and also some other acts that are related to the regulation of remotely-offered games of chance.

It was the Betting and Gaming Act that initially defined the remote games offered on the territory of the Netherlands. The Act described them as games of chance (luck) that are organized remotely thanks to electronic means of communication. According to the Betting and Gaming Act’s provisions, the remote games of chance include all games of chance offered via the Internet, television or mobile devices.

The Act does not restrict the game types that may be offered on the Internet within the boundaries of the country. However, there are some subordinate rules that throw some light on the matter.

Poker and casino games, as well as gaming machines, are currently allowed to be offered remotely in the Netherlands. Sports bets, including fixed odds, exchange betting or pari-mutual betting, as well as live betting are also can be provided online in the country.

The Remote Gambling Bill was passed by the Dutch Lower House in the summer of 2016 and was referred to the Senate. Although there were expectations for a support from the Senate, the Bill still has not been passed as a law. Despite the long path towards passing the Bill, if the Senate does show a support, international web casinos will have the opportunity to operate legally in the Netherlands.

Online Gambling

Internet Gambling in NetherlandsThe online gambling market in the country is estimated to a great gross gaming revenue. According to some data gathered in a special investigation on the matter, a great part of the Dutch customers prefer to play casino games on the Internet, and their number is constantly increasing.

The government of the country has not yet concentrated its efforts into blocking the Dutch citizens from betting on foreign websites. Still, at one point, the Government has made an attempt to block online players by blacklisting some websites and insisting on the local banks not working with them. The banks, however refused. The regulations imposed by the Government of the Netherlands are very strict when it comes to online gambling and they are getting even stricter.

Recently it was announced that there will be a temporary increase of gambling tax rates. Currently, regulated casinos pay a tax rate of 29%. Under a recent proposal the tax rate will increase to 30.01%. This proposal arose as a result of the Dutch government’s budget plan for 2018. Lawmakers have explained that the tax rate will be reduced to 29% once the Gambling Bill is implemented as a law. This is expected to happen on July 1, 2018. Currently, the demand for iGambling among Dutch players is pretty high and this legislative piece can open the local online gambling market for international operators.

The legal landscape of the online gambling industry in the Netherlands was poised to change dramatically in January 2015. The country was primarily focused on issuing licenses to some overseas competitors, which was considered to be the beginning of the end of the state’s monopoly on gambling. The state announced that it will grant five-year licenses to online gambling providers that will allow them to offer a great range of products and services on the territory of the Netherlands.

In addition, the Dutch government revealed that the tax rate will drop from 29% to 20% on profits from online gambling. This step was considered to be made by the state in order to increase the competition on the market.

On the other hand, the country’s government has set tight rules and guidelines which each online gambling operator was required to meet in order to gain a license from the Dutch state. This also meant that a lot of international gambling websites which do not hold a license issued by Kansspelautoriteit, were no longer allowed to provide their services on the Dutch market.

One of the strictest new requirements that international gambling casinos may have to meet in order to be allowed to operate in the Netherlands is to have a form of psychical presence there. However, it is yet to be established what exactly does this term mean. It may require for foreign operators to have an office established in the Netherlands or to base their servers for Dutch players in the country. However, it can also mean that only local land-based operators will have the opportunity to apply for an iGaming licens.

This lead to a few international online casinos announcing that they will no longer accept players from the Netherlnads. According to the new rules of regulation, Dutch-targeted promotional information was also removed from web platforms that are not licensed by Kansspelautoriteit.

A lot of online casinos that Dutch players can join are powered by NetEnt. This company is well known for its innovative gaming solutions which can offer players a wonderful online betting experience. With numerous variations of slots, table games and video poker, NetEnt is capable of providing gamblers with thrilling and rewarding adventures.

In addition to this provider, most of the online casinos that accept Dutch players are also powered by Microgaming and Playtech. If you are a fan of progressive slots, you have probably noticed that many of the most popular slots at the moment are designed by the Microgaming. This company is a leading name on the interactive gambling scene and this can be noticed in the quality of the sound and graphics of the games powered by this provider.

When it comes to classic casino games, Playtech surely knows how to present players with authentic and entertaining betting adventures. This software supplier provides gaming solutions with realistic graphics, user-friendly interface and immersive sound effects.

No matter which virtual casino Dutch players will choose, they are guaranteed to find a wide range of slots, classic table games as well as live dealer games.


Just as most landbased casinos, interactive betting platforms can also offer players a wide variety of slot games. Whether you are a fan of classic 3-reel slots or are looking for something more entertaining and rewarding such as 5-reel slots, you can be sure that you will be able to find both of these variations in every online casino that accepts players from the Netherlands.

Players can also test their luck on progressive slots. These games have an accumulative jackpot which is constantly growing with every bet that players make on the progressive slot. This means that you can try playing one of these games and win a massive prize. Experience the thrilling Immortal Romance or try to win the progressive jackpot of Mega Moolah, Hall of Gods and many other popular slots. Do not miss your chance to enjoy a wide range of slot games which are available in the majority of Dutch-friendly virtual casinos.

Game Paylines Free Spins Wild Symbol Scatter Progressive
Hall of Gods 20
Lost Island 20
Wonky Wabbits 20
Mega Fortune 20
Gonzo’s Quest 20
Starburst 20
Frankenstein 20
Ghost Pirates 20

Table Games and Video Poker

As the popularity of online gambling in the Netherlands grows steadily, so does the variety of games. No matter which is the casino of your choice, you are guaranteed to enjoy a wide range of different table games. RTG is a gaming software which is popular with its classy and exciting variations of roulette. Whether you are a fan of European, French or even American roulette, you will definitely find a game which will suit your taste. Dutch online gamblers will be also able to find various versions of blackjack.

For players who love to try their luck but they still want to show some skills, there is a vast variety of video poker games. Aces or Faces, Jacks or Better and Deuces Wild are a few options that video-poker lovers can find in Dutch-friendly interactive casinos.

Game Wild Multihand
All American by NetEnt
Classic Deuces Wild
Jacks or Better by NetEnt
Joker Wild

Live Dealer Games

Another great opportunity that Dutch players are offered when they bet online is playing live dealer games. This way virtual gamblers will have the chance to enjoy classic casino games from the comfort of their own homes. As there are quite a few virtual platforms powered by NetEnt, players can try the live-dealer variants provided by the company.

The high quality of the video and sound of the games can easily make players forget that they are not betting in a real brick-and-mortar casino.

When choosing the virtual platform where you would like to play, you should pay attention to the payment options. The majority of Dutch-friendly casinos accept various deposit methods which help players to top up their account in a fast, easy and safe way.

Credit cards, e-wallets and bank transfers are among the most commonly used payment options. Players from the Netherlands are guaranteed to find an easy and convenient way to upload fund to their gaming balance. There are also quite a few web platforms which accept payments via services used exclusively by Dutch gamblers.


ideal payment photoThe service provided by iDEAL is specifically created for Dutch consumers and allows players to use online banking to upload funds to their account. This method will allow gamblers to top up their casino balance immediately and play with real money in the web casino of their choice.

To make a deposit via iDEAL, players must first have an account in one of the following Dutch banks: Bunq, Knab, RegioBank, Triodos Bank, ASN Bank, ING, Rabobank, SNS Bank, Van Lanschot. When you want to make a deposit to your gaming account you should go to the cashier of the website, choose iDEAL as your payment method and you will be redirected to a page of your bank where you have to fill in the information about your bank account. After entering the amount you would like to deposit to your gaming balance, you should confirm the payment and your funds will be transferred to your casino account immediately.

Since iDEAL is not a payment service in itself but it rather helps Dutch players to make deposits via their bank accounts, players do not need to register at iDEAL. This allows fast and secure transactions for customers from the Netherlands.

Credit and Debit Cards

Credit and Debit Cards payment photoThis is one of the most popular payment methods on many virtual platforms, including betting websites. This is why Dutch players can transfer funds to their gaming balance using their VISA or MasterCard debit and credit cards. This will allow them to make an instant deposit and play at the casino of their choice right away. Not only is this method very convenient but it is also very popular and you are guaranteed to find a platform which will accept payments via credit or debit cards.

If you choose this payment method as your preferred way to manage your casino funds, you will have to fill in your card information only the first time you initiate a transaction. During your next payments, all of your card data will be saved and it will take you next to no time to top up your balance.


paysafecard payment photoThis option is perfect for players who want to transfer their money in the safest way possible. Many players from the Netherlands, as well as other countries, opt for making a deposit via a prepaid card. This will allow them to be anonymous and avoid jeopardizing any sensitive information.

Dutch players can easily find these prepaid cards with a 16-number PIN in many stores across the country. Topping up your balance via Paysafecard is extremely easy and this is one of the reasons why so many virtual gamblers prefer to use it. Paysafe allows you to protect any sensitive information since you do not have to reveal any details about your credit, debit card or bank account.


neteller payment photoAs e-wallets gain more and more popularity, a lot of players, including those from the Netherlands, can choose to make deposits to their casino accounts via services such as Neteller or Skrill. Those two companies have become a few of the most commonly used digital wallets which allow players to transfer money to their gaming balance in a fast and secure manner.

Both of the wallets require creating an account, however, the process does not take too long and it guarantees players that their money, as well as their sensitive data, is protected. Since both Neteller and Skrill are expanding the list with supported countries, more and more interactive casinos accept payments via these e-wallets.

Uploading funds to your gaming account using your e-wallet is instant and it helps you to make real-money bets once you have confirmed your deposit. Apart from the ease of use it provides, your e-wallet offers exceptional level of security. Players can opt for a two-step authentication both with Neteller and Skrill. This will allow them to make transfers a lot more securely.


The Netherlands is working on the full legalization of online betting in the country. The Online Gambling Bill has been passed by the Lower House and it is left for the Senate to pass the Bill as a law. Currently, it is not illegal for Dutch players to gamble on international online casinos.

There is no need to worry about paying any taxes on your online winnings. The Government earns its revenue by imposing taxes on the interactive gambling platforms.

Yes. The majority of Dutch-friendly virtual casinos are absolutely safe. The platforms take measures to protect players’ personal details and all of the transactions are secured properly.

Yes. The majority of the interactive gambling platforms accept payments via credit cards and most of the Dutch-friendly websites will also allow players to top up their balance via iDEAL.

There are a few things which will allow players from the Netherlands to enjoy a wonderful virtual betting experience. The first thing is to check the variety of gaming options of the casino. Choose a web platform that offers different variations of your favourite games. You should also check the payment options which are accepted by the online casino. Find a website which accepts the most convenient methods for you.

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