Jackpot Deuces Progressive Video Poker

jackpotdeuces-logoJackpot Deuces is a variation of the regular Video Poker game. It is developed by one of the leading providers on web-based gaming software in the world – Microgaming.

The game has rapidly become popular among players worldwide, not only because of the fact that it is funny and entertaining, but also because it offers both wild cards and a progressive jackpot.

Jackpot Deuces Video Poker Jackpot Info

Provider Microgaming
Paylines n/a
Min Bet €1
Max Bet €5
Free Spins Feature n/a
Wild Symbol Deuces
Scatter Symbol n/a
Progressive Jackpot Making a Diamond Royal Flush while placing the maximum bet


Game Features

The Jackpot Deuces is a single-hand game with a maximum bet of five coins. Players are provided with the opportunity to make their choice among a variety of bets, but need to be aware of the fact that they can qualify for winning the progressive jackpot by placing only the maximum bet.

The game’s interface is considered very easy to operate with. There are special controls at the bottom of the screen, which offer several options to players. The latter are provided with the opportunity to “Hold”, “Draw” and “Deal”.

Game Rules

The objective of the game is quite easy – to make the best hand possible. The hand is consistent of five cards. The Deuces are automatically held for the player, because the game’s software makes the decision what cards to hold mathematically. Still, players are provided with the opportunity to comply with the machine’s decisions, or not.

The Jackpot Deuces poker game is played with a standard 52-card deck, including all four Deuces in the deck. This is the reason why the machine automatically keeps the wild card, if such is drawn from the deck, in order to ensure the best possible winning combination. The card deck is shuffled before every new deal, which basically means they are drawn at random.

The player is required to make their pick between the different options located at the bottom of the screen – “Hold”, “Draw” and “Deal”.

When the Deal option is picked by the player, they are dealt five cards and the software automatically starts the identification for any wild cards to hold. Then, the player is provided with the opportunity to made a decision if they are to comply with the software’s decision or not.

If the player decides to hold different cards from the ones chosen by the software, they must click on the ones they want to discard. Then, they need to click on the “Draw” button in order to settle the final five-card hand. The machine immediately determines if the player has managed to qualify for any prizes, which happens with a minimum value of Three of a Kind.

Wild Card

The four Deuces (the cards which face value is 2) in the deck are considered as Wild Cards. This property of the Deuces means that they can fill in for any other card in order to help the player generate a winning hand.

Using the Deuces, if any, over the game is entirely up to the player themselves. Still, they should bear in mind that if they want to make a Five-of-a-Kind hand, they will need at least one Deuce.

Bonus Round

The Special Bonus Round of the game, called Double or Nothing is unlocked as soon as the player comes up with a winning hand. The game offers the player to choose if they will take the challenge and try multiplying their winnings by 2, or not.

What is the bonus round about? The card of the Dealer is shown face up. Then, the player is required to choose one of four cards, which are placed face down. After doing that, they need to click Draw to see their choice. If the value of the player’s card is bigger than the one of the Dealer, the player’s win is doubled. If not, they lose everything.

Progressive Jackpot

The Progressive Jackpot in the game starts at €5,000 and increases from there on.

As explained above, players can qualify for winning the progressive jackpot offered by Jackpot Deuces by playing only at the maximum bet. The Progressive Jackpot of the game can be won by getting a hand with the 10, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of diamonds that is called a “Diamond Royal Flush”.

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