King Cashalot Progressive Jackpot Slot

King Cashalot Progressive Jackpot Slot LogoEver felt like a royalty when betting the big money in a casino? If you have, you would be glad to hear that you can now take this feeling online by playing the unique progressive video slot game called King Cashalot. The game, developed and designed by Microgaming, is currently one of the most profitable slot games in online casinos worldwide, so it should not come as a surprise to hear that it is featured in just about every reputable online casino.

King Cashalot Slot Jackpot Info

Provider Microgaming
Paylines 9
Min Bet €0.45 (playing on all lines)
Max Bet €2.25
Free Spins Feature NO
Wild Symbol King Cashalot
Scatter Symbol Jester
Progressive Jackpot 5 ‘King Cashalot’ symbols


Despite the big payouts, King Cashalot is also one of the most affordable slot games to pay thanks to its coin wager of just $0.05. The player will play on five reels, and they will be able to select up to nine payline, thus resulting in a maximum wager of $2.25. The best thing about King Cashalot is its hefty jackpot that has reached the enormous $1.7 million a couple of months ago, but it also features scatter, wild symbols, multipliers and a bonus game that can also boost your winnings!

About the Game

As you can probably tell by the name, King Cashalot’s gameplay will bring you back into the medieval world where you will be accompanied by the king, his brave knights and ladies. The designers and developers at Microgaming have done an amazing job with this piece of software, and every player can enjoy superb graphics as well as audio. The rest of the icons include meals that you would expect to see on the royal dining tables of the kings and queens that lived in the old times. The default background music is pretty soft and easy on the ears, while the winning melodies will certainly add to your positive mood.

However, the graphics and audio are not the things that have made King Cashalot one of the most popular progressive video slot games on the web! The main reason for this game’s growing popularity and reputation is its amazing progressive jackpot that can reach over a million dollars in a very short amount of time! The largest sum ever won by playing King Cashalot is $1.7 million, and the current jackpot is approximately $600,000, so many people might see this game as their chance to win a life-changing amount of money.

Although the progressive jackpot is the main goal of most players, you shouldn’t underestimate the power of the scatter and wild symbols, as well as of the treasure chest bonus game, because they might fill up your wallet very generously as well.

King Cashalot Progressive Jackpot Slot Theme

Wild Symbol

As you have probably already guessed, the wild symbol is the king, and it is one of the quickest ways to profit from this game. By default, the king symbol can serve as a substitute for any other symbol in the game, apart from the scatter and treasure. Also, if you make money via a winning combination that includes the king symbol, then your profits will be doubled.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter symbol in this game is represented by the image of a Jester. The Jester is one of the quickest ways to get big money from King Cashalot because under the right circumstances it may multiply your winnings by 2X, 5X or 5X. Two scatters are a winning combination and they give you some extra cash that is added to the payline wins. Three scatters double your money, and four scatters multiply your winnings by five. The combination most of you would like to hit is probably five scatters – 50X multiplication of the credits you staked on the bet. The scatters can be spread on any reel, so they do not necessarily have to match.

King Cashalot Progressive Jackpot Slot Symbols

Bonus Game

Bonus games are usually quite intriguing and the situation is not much different with King Cashalot. In order to get access to the bonus round, you will need to hit three dragon symbols scatter on reels two, three and four. This will automatically qualify you for King Cashalot’s bonus game that may significantly increase your winnings from the game! Keep in mind that the result of the bonus game is dependent on the number of paylines you are playing on, so the bigger the wager, the bigger the win.

When you enter the bonus game you’ll have to select a treasure chest that will give you a random bonus amount. This amount is multiplied by the number of coins you wagered per payline, and by the number of paylines enabled. This means that playing with the maximum bet can lead to some pretty hefty profits from this bonus round!

King Cashalot Progressive Jackpot Slot Bonus Game Win

The Progressive Jackpot

Progressive jackpots are usually the main goal of gamblers and the case with King Cashalot is not much different. However, you must remember that the jackpot of this video slot game is significantly lower than the one of most of its competitors – $100,000 by default, but the amount increases progressively. IN order to have a chance to win the grand prize, you will need to play on all 9 paylines and hit five kings on the last payline.

This is why players are strongly advised to play with the maximum bet amount, because this is the only way to have a chance to win the progressive jackpot offered by King Cashalot. If you want to see the current amount of the jackpot, all you have to do is find an online casino offering King Cashalot, and start up the game. As soon as you see the interface, the current jackpot will be displayed on top of the screen.

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