Major Millions Progressive Jackpot Slot

Major Millions Progressive Jackpot Slot LogoAvid online casino players are probably familiar with the name Microgaming – one of the most reputable companies in the business, and one of the major developers of unique slot machines for a broad range of online casinos. One of their fairly popular products is the well-known progressive slot machine game known as Major Millions.

Major Millions Slot Jackpot Info

Provider Microgaming
Paylines 3 or 15
Min Bet €3 (playing on all lines)
Max Bet €3
Free Spins Feature NO
Wild Symbol Major Millions
Scatter Symbol Scatter
Progressive Jackpot 5 ‘Major Millions’ symbols on the 15th payline


Major Millions is a progressive slot machine that has a hefty jackpot of approximately $400,000, but it has been larger as well. The peculiar thing about this game in particular is that it comes in two variations – a traditional 3-reel slot machine, and the more popular 5-reel video slot machine that can be seen in most popular online casinos today. Both versions of the game come with their own terms and conditions, so it is important to pay close attention to the version you are playing. The 5-reel variation comes with 15 paylines, while the simpler, 3-reel variation has only 3 paylines, so it is suitable for more inexperienced players. Now let’s take a closer look at the specifics of Major Millions.

In order to win the progressive jackpot you will have to land five ‘Major Million’ symbols on the last payline, so if you are looking for the big money, you need to play on all 15 paylines. Of course, playing on less will still give you the opportunity to win the non-progressive jackpot, but its amount is significantly smaller – just 8,000 coins.

Betting and Gameplay

The maximum bet per payline is 1 coin, and each coin has a fixed value of $0.20. This means that in order to play for the big progressive jackpot you’ll have to bet $3 per spin, so that all 15 paylines will be played on. According to official statistics, the biggest payout made by a Major Millions slot game is $1,801,517.00 while the smallest is $252,043.00. This sum is quite impressive, and it easily turns Major Millions into one of the best paying progressive jackpot online slot machines you can play! Despite the huge prize pool, the maximum bet is still quite low, and $3 are a pretty reasonable price for this large jackpot. If you have some experience in the field, then you are probably familiar that other slot machines often ask you to bet more than $5 in order to qualify for the grand jackpot.

Major Millions Progressive Jackpot Slot Theme

Every slot machine game coming from Microgaming has a unique thematic, and the situation with Major Millions is not much different. This product is characterized with a neat-looking military theme that will show you all kinds of military-related icons such as tanks, secret folders, planes, war ships and others. Naturally, it features both a wild and scatter symbols which can significantly boost your winnings, so watch out for them while playing Major Millions. Wild and scatter symbols come with special light effects, so players can quickly understand if their winnings are about to be multiplied.

The sound effects accompanying the game are military-related as well, and players will regularly hear sounds from the fairground, the military marching tone, and even the Major laughing in the background. The Major Millions slot game doesn’t include an option to turn off these sounds.

Wild Symbol

Usually wild symbols are pretty unique because they are one of the most important aprts of slot machines, but the situation Is a little bit different with Major Millions. Microgaming have decided to opt for a simpler wild symbol, which in this situation is the ‘Major Millions’ logo. It acts as a substitute for any symbol except for the scatter, and winnings registered with the wild symbol will also be tripled, so most of you will be very happy when they see it. If you manage to land five wild symbols, then you will get the maximum non-progressive jackpot worth 8,000 coins.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter is the favorite thing of every player, because it is the signal for the big money! In the case of Major Millions, we have an exploding scatter symbol. In order to get the big prices you will need to strike three or more scatter symbols anywhere in the reels, and you will enjoy either 3x, 5x, or 50x multiplication of the amount you have bet.

Major Millions Progressive Jackpot Slot Symbols

Progressive Jackpot

As we already mentioned, the tricky thing about Major Millions’ progressive jackpot is that you need to hit all wild symbols on the last, 15th payline. This means that in order to have the opportunity to hit the big price, you will have to bet on all 15 paylines, meaning that every turn will cost you $3,00. Slot machines with a progressive jackpot are really neat, because their grand prize constantly increases, so if you are lucky enough, you may end up hitting not just hundreds of thousands, but even millions of dollars. Of course, the progressive jackpot rarely gets above $1 million, but whenever it does, one lucky person will be very happy to see the five Major Million symbols.

When you play Major Millions, you will see the current progressive jackpot on top, so this may serve as a motivation for those of you who are seeking the big money. According to statistics, the jackpot gets hit approximately every 75 days, and its total amount is based on the days past since the jackpot was last won. An interesting fact is that upon winning the jackpot, all current players will be notified, and the prize pool will be reset to the default amount of $250,000.

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