Poker Ride Progressive Jackpot Poker

poker-ride-logoPlayers who love playing different variations of the classic poker will be delighted to try Poker Ride – a variation of the traditional video poker game, powered by one of the leaders in the development of high quality gaming products – Microgaming. Experienced players claim that Poker Ride resembles another poker-related game – Let it Ride. Here are the basics you need to know before engaging in Poker Ride. The latter is recognized by vivid players as the first game that awards 10% of the progressive jackpot if a player has Straight Flush. Further specifications, differences, similarities and advantages of trying out the game are explained below.

Poker Ride Jackpot Info

Provider Microgaming
Paylines n/a
Min Bet €0.50
Max Bet €100
Free Spins Feature n/a
Wild Symbol n/a
Scatter Symbol n/a
Progressive Jackpot Get Royal Flush


Game Rules and Features

If you have ever played any variation of a video poker, you should not find difficulties in understanding the basics of Poker Ride and get the progressive jackpot it features. The aim of the player is to create the highest possible winning combination out of the five cards dealt.

The Poker Ride is played with the classic 52 deck card and the cards are randomly shifted. There are neither wild cards nor jokers. In other words, player have to rely on the cards dealt and their luck in particular, for winning a prize.

Before the start of your game session, you will be prompted to make your “ante” and adjust the amount of the bet your would like to place prior to getting your first card. Then, the first and the second betting rounds start. The game features a side bet you can take advantage of and become eligible to winning the progressive jackpot as well.

After you have completed the above steps, its time to hit the Deal button and let the game start. You will be given three cards turned face up and you have to decide whether to Raise or Call. If you decide to Raise, a bet equal to the initial wager you made will be placed on the 1st betting circle. If you choose to Call no additional bet will be placed. The Dealer has two cards turned face down and the value of the first is revealed as soon as the player decides what their next move will be. The card the dealer turns face up becomes the fourth card your hand includes.

The player should place another bet in order to make the dealer reveal the second card. Then, player’s winnings are determined in accordance with the strength of the poker hand and the pay table adopted for the game.

In order to qualify for the progressive jackpot the Poker Ride features, the player should place the aforementioned side bet before the start of the game session.

Your winnings depend predominantly on your luck as the dealer is not able to take any actions that could possibly prevent you from winning a solid award. Actually, the dealer is dealt two cards turned face down and every time the player places a bet, the value of one of the cards is revealed.


The Progressive Jackpot

Hitting a Royal Flush in combination with a side bet make you the next jackpot winner but even if you have not placed a side bet, you can still get a decent payout. You need at least a ten pair or a better hand in order to win.

The Royal Flush earns you a fixed jackpot of 1000 coins. The game gives the player a chance to win a part of the sum or the entire amount of the jackpot accumulated at the time when they are playing. It all depends on the value of the first three cards distributed. Straight Flush earns you as much as 10% of the accumulated progressive jackpot; Four of a Kind gets you 500 unites, while Full House and Flush play 100 and 50 unites, respectively.

Although the game of poker is considered a game of skill by many, your winnings in Poker Ride depend on your luck instead of an impeccable strategy or special skills.

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