SupaJax Progressive Jackpot Video Poker

Supajax-logoSupaJax is an exciting game, developed by one of the leaders in the global gaming industry – Microgaming. The game itself resembles the standard video poker where all hands, equal or better than a pair of Jacks bring the player an appealing award.

Hulk Slot Jackpot Info

Provider Microgaming
Paylines n/a
Min Bet €1
Max Bet €5
Free Spins Feature n/a
Wild Symbol n/a
Scatter Symbol n/a
Progressive Jackpot Get a pair of 4Jacks and a SupaJax card


Game Rules and Features

Getting a Royal Flush is the highest possible accomplishment, except for the progressive jackpot, and it awards you with 3000 coins.

However, there is one feature that makes SupaJax different from all the other video poker games available. You win the jackpot only if you have a hand of 4 Jacks and one additional SupaJax card, explained below. The SupaJax card do not act as a wild symbol and no additional winning hands are to be created. Another prerequisite you have to meet is to play with all 5 coins. Once the jackpot is won, it resets to the minimum value.

SupaJax is a version of the thrilling Jacks or Better and players do not have to come up with a complicated strategy for winning. If you have played another variation of video poker before, then you should consider yourself pretty acquainted with the rules of SupaJax. The game does not feature a wild card, which means players have to count on the traditional cards in order to make a winning combination. Yet, the aforementioned SupaJax card has contribution to the impressive payouts.

Actually, the card is literary irreplaceable when it comes to making winning combinations. In order to qualify for the progressive jackpot, you have to place the maximum possible bet, which is €5 per hand.

As for the winning of additional cards, the regular practice of Jacks or Better would be really useful.

SupaJax is played with the traditional 52 card deck and the additional SupaJax card. The combination of 4 Jacks and a SupaJax card is higher in value than the Royal Flush.


Bonus Round

The game provides players with an exciting Gamble Bonus, which is triggered every time you put together a winning hand. In this case, you are enabled to multiply your winnings by engaging in the so-called Double or Nothing round.

If you accept the challenge, you will see that the card of the Dealer is turned face up and there are another four cards turned face down. You have to pick one of them and push the Draw button. If you have selected a card that has a value higher than Dealer’s, your current winnings are doubled.

The Progressive Jackpot

Although the majority of video poker games pay solid amounts if the player hits a Royal Flush, SupaJax pays a jackpot only if you have a pair of 4 Jacks and the additional SupaJax card and the maximum bet of 5 coins has been placed.

Of course, hitting a Royal Flush brings you benefits as well. You can get up to €3000 but the amount depends on the bet you have placed. If you have wagered all 5 coins, you will get a bigger award, while playing with 1 to 4 coins gives you €250 per coin.

Experienced players will definitely notice that the SupaJax do not comply with the classic 7/5 payout, typical for Jacks and Better. A pair of Jacks is equal to 1x payout, while two pair doubles your prize. Three of a Kind awards you the amount of your bet multiplied by 3. Straight grants you 4x prize. The Full House increases your bet 7x. Four of a Kind awards you 25x. Straight flush and Royal Flush pay 50x and 600x, respectively on grounds that you wagered the maximum of 5 coins.

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