Treasure Nile Progressive Jackpot Slot

Logo of Treasure Nile Progressive JackpotMicrogaming is the company responsible for a large number of the online video slot machines that you see in virtual casinos today. One of the popular games they have developed is called Treasure Nile. The latter was actually the first five-reel, nine-payline video slot that the company produced. Of course, since its initial release years ago, the company has released many other games that consist of five reels and offer nine or more paylines.

Treasure Nile Slot Jackpot Info

Provider Microgaming
Paylines 9
Min Bet €0.45 (playing on all lines)
Max Bet €4.50
Free Spins Feature NO
Wild Symbol Giza Pyramids
Scatter Symbol Scarab
Progressive Jackpot Pharaoh ‘Pharaoh’ symbols


Treasure Nile, as you can tell by the name, is an online video slot machine that adopts the Egyptian theme, and more specifically – the ancient gods and symbols of Egypt. Although the name tells us about the great river Nile, the river itself is not present in the icon choice for this slot machine. Despite this fact, Treasure Nile is one of the online video slot machines with the highest payout, and more importantly, its grand prizes are paid approximately every 20 days, so this is probably one of the most profitable online slot machines.

Why Is Treasure Nile Better?

The Egyptian theme is pretty common for both offline and online slot machines, so what makes Treasure Nile so special? As usual, Microgaming have done a great job implementing excellent graphics, interface and audio in their product, so Treasure Nile is a game that will not only grab your attention with a high payout, but also with a pleasing visual appearance as well as a great gaming experience. In order to really help the player sink into Egypt’s ancient atmosphere, Microgaming have implemented the following symbols in their five reels: King Tut, cobras, jewelry, ships, hieroglyph scrolls, and several other icons. Naturally, Treasure Nile also features scatter and wild symbols that will take your game to the next level, but we will discuss this a bit later.

Screen of Treasure Nile Progressive Jackpot

But before analyzing your chances of making big money, you should get familiar with the betting and coin system used by Treasure Nile. Sadly, there are few choices when it comes to betting on this slot machine, and the player will be limited to a fixed coin value of $0.50. The maximum numbers of coin per payline is one, so the maximum bet is $4.50 if you play on all paylines. Basically, the only choice that you get to make is to select the number of paylines that you want to play on.

However, there is a little catch. If you want to win the progressive jackpot, then you need to always play with the maximum number of paylines, because this is the only way to have a chance to qualify for the grand prize! In order to get the big money, you need to hit five King Tut symbols on the 9th payline which can only be active when you place the maximum bet of $4.50. By default, the progressive jackpot starts at $40,000, but its amount grows rapidly and in just a few weeks it can go up to $100,000 and more. If you are wondering what the current jackpot is, then you will see the amount as soon as you start the Treasure Nile slot machine game.

Wild Symbol

The wild symbol is easily recognizable as it resembles an ancient pyramid. Unfortunately, most of you will be disappointed to hear that the wild symbol does not have any special capabilities in Treasure Nile. Yes, it does serve as a substitute for any symbol except the scatter and the King Tut, but it does not multiply your winnings nor does it award you any other prize. The lack of a multiplier and special features may seem like a huge minus, but this game compensate has a lot of other perks that can compensate for this minor annoyance.

Scatter Symbol

The scatter is the thing that you probably want to see more often in Treasure Nile. Unlike other video game slot machines, collecting three or more scatters won’t award you free spins, but it will give you something better. Whenever you hit three scatters anywhere on the screen, you will get your bet multiplied by 5. If you get 4 scatter symbols, then your total bet will be multiplied by 10, and if you have the luck to strike 5 scatters, you’ll enjoy multiplication by 50. As you can see the scatter symbol can be really generous, especially if you play with the largest bet in order to have a chance for the progressive jackpot.

Paytable of Treasure Nile Progressive Jackpot

Final Words

Treasure Nile is definitely one of the great products that have come out of the studios of Microgaming in recent years. It features amazing graphics, excellent gameplay, and a really good payout that gets struck rather often. However, avid players probably will not be able to get over the fact that this is one of the few online slot machines that does not include any special features, free spins or bonus rounds. Although these extras are not necessarily important, they really do a little bit of intrigue to the game, and make it more interesting and pleasing.

However, all of this can be forgiven once you see the payouts that this slot machine is capable of making. The progressive jackpot gets hit approximately every 20 days, and it has a starting amount of $40,000, but it can often reach amounts well above $100,000. If you are ready to close your eyes for the fact that Treasure Nile lacks some more interesting features, then this game might end up paying you more than well!

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