Bingo Progressive Jackpot

NetEnt Bingo Progressive Jackpot LogoBingo is an online version of the popular game released by Net Entertainment. The game has some similarities but even more differences compared to the regular offline game. The most important difference is obviously the lack of a token system. While in real life the game is played with tokens, in this game they have been replaced by an automatic system. Here, this system will make sure that the players’ numbers are marked.

Bingo Jackpot Info

Provider NetEnt
Paylines n/a
Min Bet €2
Max Bet €6
Free Spins Feature n/a
Wild Symbol n/a
Scatter Symbol n/a
Progressive Jackpot 5 out of first 6 numbers


Other areas of the game are generally the same as in their real life counterpart. Depending on their hits, the players can win cash prizes. Another big difference is the presence of a progressive jackpot. Progressive implies a constantly accumulating prize. Once somebody wins it, every (online) Bingo player will be notified. The ever-growing value of the jackpot is constantly highlighted on the screen, precisely in the right upper corner. The players can see it in the blue field above the golden text that says “jackpot”.

Game Rules and Features

The game offers the players the chance to play with three tickets at any given time. Each of those tickets will be available for 2.00 credits. The maximum win (not counting the jackpot) is 1,000 for each. The quicker the player’s numbers are marked, the higher the value of their theoretical winning combinations will be. After the computer draws the numbers, it will check for those winning combinations. If it finds any, it will proceed to pay out the player according to the paytable.

NetEnt Bingo Progressive Jackpot Screen

Game Procedure

Before the player starts the game, the computer will ask them how many tickets they want. They can choose one, two or the maximum three tickets. It is important to note that the progressive jackpot is linked to the maximum tickets. This is one of the three criteria. Another one is linked to the real money mode of the game. Unless the player plays a real money game, they will not be eligible for the progressive jackpot. But back to the previous condition. The players can decide to play with either one or two tickets, but they cannot win the big prize that way. If the player plays in real money mode and they buy all three tickets, they take their first step towards winning the big prize. There is another important criteria, but more about that later.

Once the player has selected their number of tickets, the game will start. The next step is the drawing process. At this point, the player will have two choices as far as gameplay goes. If they want to see all the numbers being drawn at almost the same time, clicking on the “finish draw” button is the way to go. In that case, the computer will show them all drawn numbers virtually within seconds. If the players prefer a “slow-play” kind of solution, they have to click on the “next” button. That way the computer will not reveal all the numbers, just the next one. Some prefer playing that way to make the game more exciting. Every draw will consist of 30 numbers. The player wins if they get five numbers in a sequence, either horizontally, vertically, or diagonally.

NetEnt Bingo Progressive Jackpot

The Jackpot

As we already stated, NetEnt’s Bingo comes with a progressive jackpot. The words progressive and jackpot together always simply a constantly accumulating prize. Every single time somebody plays a real money game, somewhere around the world, the pool of the jackpot gets a little bit bigger. As we mentioned above, in order to be eligible for the full amount, the player needs to play in real money mode. There are games that work differently. With those the players can win real money while playing a demo or a free mode. With NetEnt’s Bingo, this is impossible. It all starts with the real money mode.

The next step is the number of tickets. The players need to buy all three tickets that the computer offers. Here comes the tricky part. As we are talking about such a huge payout in many cases, a simple bingo cannot land the players the full amount. The third condition has to do with probability. In lottery type of games, if enough players play, someone will always win. The same is obviously true with slots as well, but the numbers are still quite different. Because of that, the third condition is the frequency of the hits.

While the players do not have to create a bingo with their first five numbers, it is pretty close to that. Instead of five, the game gives them six chances to do it. This means that if they really want to win the jackpot, they have to get five out of the first six numbers correct, in the right sequence to top it off. They have to get a bingo by the time the sixth number is drawn. If they can do that, and the other two conditions have been met as well, they win the full progressive jackpot.

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