Bonus Keno Progressive Jackpot

keno-logoAt first glance, the Bonus Keno, powered by NetEnt, seems quite complicated but in fact, the game rules are really simple and once you try it, you will be kept absorbed in it for many hours. The theme features excellent graphics and sound effects. The Bonus Keno strikes resemblance to the traditional bingo game, so if you have ever played bingo before, you should not have troubles with understanding the basics.

You will have access to your history and the amount of the jackpot at any stage of your gaming session. Here are the essential details and features you should be aware of before starting the game.

Bonus Keno Jackpot Info

Provider NetEnt
Paylines n/a
Min Bet €1
Max Bet €5
Free Spins Feature n/a
Wild Symbol n/a
Scatter Symbol n/a
Progressive Jackpot Gather 10 J symbols


Game Rules and Features

Before the start of the game, you have to adjust it according to your preferences. First of all, you have to select the bet your would like to place. The minimum is €1 and the maximum is €5. Don’t forget that placing the maximum bet makes you eligible for winning a solid jackpot and the best of all is that the game is not pose a difficulty to your budget given the negligible amount of the maximum bet.

The coin values range between 1 and 5 and the action unfolds as soon as you push the Go button.

The game features a board of 80 boxes that hide numbers ranging between 1 and 80. The aim of the player is to pick 20 boxes and match at least 2 numbers in order to get an award. The more numbers you guess correctly, the bigger your payout will be. You can either select the desired numbers manually or use the Autopick option available and ten boxes will be selected on your behalf.

Then, the numbers are drawn and your winnings are determined by the drawn numbers that match your guess. You can even be awarded a percentage of the jackpot and the amount depends on the betting level you have initially selected.

Bonus Game

The game features a bonus game that can immensely boost your winnings as the RTP percentage is really high. Your numbers can be picked by the joker and the bonus came is triggered.

As for the bonus game itself, it is activated when 5 Joker symbols appear on the table. You can keep track of the jokers you have won up to now. Their number is displayed in the left part of your screen. The winnings accumulated during the bonus round are available as well and they will be doubled. However, it is important to know that during the bonus round your bet will be the same amount as the lowest bet you have placed in the game sessions you had between the 1st and the 5th joker.


The Progressive Jackpot

The Bonus Keno features a progressive jackpot that increases every time a player engages in the game. However, you should know that the amount of the jackpot varies from casino to casino as it is among the so-called local jackpots. In other words, you will receive the amount accumulated by players who have played at the same casino where you do.

The jackpot is yours when you manage to draw 10 boxes containing the J symbol. As mentioned earlier, the higher your bet is, the higher your chances of winning are. If you, for one reason or another, have not placed the maximum bet, you winnings will be estimated in accordance with the paytable the game has.

If you have wagered €1, you will receive 20% of the accumulated jackpot. As much as 40% of the jackpot will be yours if you have bet €2. A bet of €3 and €4 pay 60% and 80% of the jackpot, respectively.

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