Triple Wins Progressive Jackpot Scratch Card

Triple Wins Progressive Jackpot LogoTriple Wins Jackpot is an online, virtual scratching card developed and released by Net Entertainment. The game comes with a non-jackpot version with pretty much the same rules, but the prize is not so large as the one offered by the standard jackpots. NetEnt has a wide range of newer virtual scratching cards like Marbles or Treasure Hunt, but classics like Triple Wins still remain popular.

Triple Wins Virtual Scratching Card Jackpot Info

Provider NetEnt
Paylines n/a
Min Bet €1.00
Max Bet €1.00
Free Spins Feature n/a
Wild Symbol n/a
Scatter Symbol n/a
Progressive Jackpot 3 ‘Box’ symbols


The Gameplay

The game is fairly straightforward. Most online scratching cards have very similar rules and Triple Wins Jackpot is definitely not an exception. At the start of the game, the player is allowed to choose their own ticket out of the ten different possibilities. Not only that, but if the player feels that none of those choices suits them, they can request a new set of tickets. Once the player makes their choice, the only thing that’s left is to scratch their ticket. Again, both the game and the layout are fairly straightforward, the players will be able to find different tools at the top of the screen. Once they have selected their desired scratching tool by clicking on the cards, they can reveal their winnings if there were any. The computer will quickly check the outcome. Then, if there is a winning combination, it will proceed to pay out the player according to the paytable.

Betting Options

The game offers the player options to bet in various currencies. The top prize for a single card is 10,000. This means that the maximum theoretical payout in the game is 100,000 credits, in the case where players reveal the maximum, 10x multiplier.

Triple Wins Progressive Jackpot Screen

How to Play

The reason why most scratching cards are so popular, is because they are easy to play. There are no rules that would require thorough knowledge, only fun gameplay. This is the same reason why they remain one of the more popular offline lottery type of games too—the fun and easy gameplay. Once the player has decided to play a game, all they have to do is to randomly select a card. If they do not feel that a card will win for some reason, they can easily request a new one with the click of a button.

Once they have selected the card they want, all they have to do is to click on the “buy ticket” button and the ticket is generated. This is basically the moment when it is already decided if the player is going to win or not, but some prefer the slower gameplay even after that. Those who do not want to know instantly if they have won, can choose the slow gameplay option. This means carefully selecting a scratching tool and scratching the ticket wherever they like.

They can reveal the multiplier first, or they can leave that till last, in case they scratched a winning combination and first want to know how big of a win they will earn. If the player prefers the faster route, they can take that as well. In that case, all they have to do is to click on the “scratch all” button. All of their cards will be instantly revealed along with the multipliers. Regardless of which style of play the players choose, the game will even add some genuine scratching sound effects.

Once the computer has revealed all cards, it will determine if there was a winning combination or not. If it finds any winning combinations, it will circle them before the winning amount is multiplied by the value of the multiplier. After that, the amount is instantly added to the player’s balance in whichever currency they have chosen to use.

Triple Wins Progressive Jackpot Paytable

Detailed Jackpot Rules

There are two versions of the game, the regular and the jackpot version. Naturally, the latter offers a progressive jackpot to the players. Progressive refers to a sum that is constantly changing, accumulating. Whenever somebody from around the world plays the jackpot version of the game, a portion of their denomination goes to the jackpot pool.

That jackpot pool is always highlighted on the display. Whenever someone wins the big prize, the other players will be notified and the prize pool is set back to zero. Some games usually offer a short period of non-jackpot play before the prize pool is once again established by the online casino or casinos. This is important to note because in the case of games like Triple Wins Jackpot, that amount can vary from casino to casino. The rules of the jackpot are otherwise straightforward.

The players are required to play a real money game. If that condition is met, the only important aspect remaining is trying to scratch three of the jackpot symbols next to each other. If the player is able to do that, and they have played a real money game as well, they win. In a scenario like this, they will be eligible for the full amount of the game’s big prize.

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