Playtech Progressive Jackpots

playtech-300x200Playtech is a leader in Internet casino gaming – with software developers all around the world, working to provide the best gaming software. The company is traded openly on the London Stock Exchange, and is well-known, secure and fun to play. The software is available for a wide variety of devices, across many platforms, including IOS, tablet, Android devices and desktop PC computers. The best part about the software are the available jackpots. On the Playtech iPoker network, monthly tournaments have a prize fun exceeding €10 million. Beyond this, Playtech is a leader in the development of online slot games.

Some games offer a jackpot of over €2 million for just one spin. Playtech’s progressive games network, Win a Jackpot, has paid out well over €195 million over the past several years, with winners all around the world. Playtech is a leader in customer satisfaction, as well as a fun place to play games across all popular platforms, considering the large and common jackpots available. Since the software works on almost any device and operating system, players around the world are able to play from anywhere.

Jackpots that span over millions of euros keep players playing, and the fun never stops! These online casino games are available to players 24 hours a day, and only require basic Internet speeds and connectivity. The jackpots are waiting for new players every day and offer some life-changing possibilities with each win. With nearly two hundred million euros won as of yet, more players are creating higher jackpots through Playtech! Each game is worth playing, but there are some that are much more popular than others.

Beach Life

Beach Life is an online slot game created by Playtech that thousands of users enjoy playing every day. It is themed with sand and surf to keep the winter blues away! The average jackpot totals over €3 million, and is won more than three times a year! The largest win for Beach Life by Playtech was in excess of €8 million while the minimum jackpot won still more than €500,000 – which is a life-changing amount still!

There are 20 play lines on this astonishing €0.25 game! Many people have won smaller jackpots, but the €8 million is what keeps players playing this fun and exciting slot game by Playtech. With more and more chances to win it big every day, there no reason to delay playing for this great opportunity. To win this game you must get the golden WILD sun five times on the 20th line!

Beach Life Progressive Jackpot Slot Theme

Gold Rally

Gold Rally is another game offered through Playtech that allows players to take home some life-changing jackpot winnings. There are eight lines to play, and prizes worth quite a bit of money on each line. Each line starts at €2, but can go as high as €16, maximizing the jackpot winnings for players. The average winning over €800,000 for the jackpot, making it a real nice surprise for many players.

However, the largest jackpot to date was a staggering €6.3 million, creating a ‘gold rush’ of its own. The more people play, the larger the winnings are for that lucky someone. Gold Rally is especially unique because of the short periods of time between winners, which is estimated to 43 days. That means there are almost ten jackpot winners every year! To win this game you must show the scatter 9x in one spin!

Gold Rally Progressive Jackpot Slot Theme

Jackpot Darts

Jackpot Darts is an incredibly fun game that anyone who enjoys online gambling can have a blast playing! There are three different games to play, €1, €2 and €3 games! The possibilities are endless with this progressive jackpot game! Since the more people that play, the higher your jackpot winnings could be, the game is especially interesting and fun to pull new players in from all across the world.

This game is a digital version of the classic game of darts, and has splendid jackpot prizes available to winners. Winners can easily take home €200,000 or more from one game if they are lucky enough to hit the jackpot! Other winners have taken home smaller prizes, such as €80,000! Jackpot Darts is one of the fastest growing Playtech games available. To win this exciting game, you must make three darts land in the bullseye!

Jackpot Darts Progressive Jackpot Slot Theme

Mega Ball

Mega Ball is a unique game offered by Playtech. The progressive jackpots are something to be looked forward to, with bidding starting as low as €0.10 and stretching to €100.00! Mega Ball is interesting because no skill is needed, just pure luck makes people win this exciting jackpot. The jackpot for this game is often, several times a year, and is considered to be very high for how low the betting can be.

The average win is well over €400,000, and can span to several million, if the players are helping to achieve that goal. Because the jackpot is progressive, there is almost no limit to how much money can be won after a single draw of the balls. The more people that play, the higher the jackpot, and it makes the game much more interesting. To win this game, all you need to do is select the correct numbers in your betting and wait for them to be called!

Mega Ball Progressive Jackpot Theme

Diamond Valley

Diamond Valley, by Playtech, is one of the most-played 5-line slot games in the industry because it is only a €1 a spin, and the jackpot is progressive. Beyond this, people love to play Diamond Valley because, on average, there is a new jackpot winner every fifteen days. One spin could make a player thousands of dollars, with an average win of over €80,000 and a high of over €230,000!

Playtech designed this imaginative slot game to have five play lines that will keep players excited and winning smaller jackpots throughout their play. However, with a constantly raising progressive jackpot, many are excited for the €200,000 wins! Diamond Valley has one of the most commonly won jackpots in the industry. To win this high jackpot, you must have a maximum bet of €5, and find five diamonds in a row!

Diamond Valley Progressive Jackpot Slot Theme

Magic Slots

Magic Slots is one of the most popular games that Playtech has created for the world to play. It is a progressive jackpot game with 3 reels, and people are winning the jackpot every other week. With an average jackpot of over €80,000, players around the world are competing to win it big.

Some players have won more than €120,000 in a single spin. Coins start off at €5, and players are able to make a maximum bet of €15 to try to win it big. These life-changing jackpots are always on the rise, and more and more people are playing every day! There are nine combinations that could lead the next winner to a jackpot of over €50,000 in seconds! Magic Slots can be won by betting max and getting three magic hats in a row!

Magic Slots Progressive Jackpot Screen

Marvel Ultimate Power

Marvel Ultimate Power was designed by Playtech, and is one of the most popular online-casino jackpots in the world. With a theme that will keep Marvel fans excited with the Hulk, Daredevil and others, the game is always interesting. Another great aspect of the Marvel Series Slots is the incredibly high jackpot offerings. The jackpot for these games is won every few weeks by a lucky someone in the world, and has only ever been as low as €140,000!

For a high, the games have made one person over €1.3 million richer and has an average jackpot of almost €750,000! That amount could be won in a single spin for only €0.10. However, the more people that play, the higher the winnings could be for that lucky someone! Marvel Ultimate Power Jackpot can be won by betting the max, and ‘pulling’ the slot to get matching superheroes!

Marvel Progressive Jackpots

Progressive Blackjack PT

Playtech has an incredible new progressive blackjack game that is raising in popularity every day. To be the lucky winner of this progressive jackpot, all you need to do is get two aces of the same suit, split them and get dealt two more aces of the same suit. Having three aces that are suited will win a lucky player a total of €2,500, while the progressive jackpot is much more.

Players have won as much as €6.3 million in a single hand from playing the four matching aces. However, other players have won over €4.2 million, and some others take home about €500,000 – which is still a life changing amount for any player. Jackpots are not won frequently, but are very high for those who are willing to play the game!

Playtech Progressive Blackjack

Queen of Pyramids

Queen of Pyramids is one of Playtech’s most commonly played games. It is a five reel slot game with lots of small payouts. With betting starting as low as €0.15, players are able to have small wins for very little investment as they play. However, to win the incredible jackpot, players must bet the maximum amount and roll out five pharaohs in a single line to win!

Some progressive jackpot winners have won as little as €6,000 but others are winning in excess of €290,000 from a single spin. While this game is commonly played, winners are found very often, as little as two weeks between jackpot wins helps to keep players feeding into the very high progressive jackpots for all to enjoy!

Queen of the Pyramids Progressive Jackpot Screen

Dollar Ball

Dollar Ball is offered by Playtech and played by casino-lovers worldwide every single day! Dollar ball is a side-bet that is offered on some slot games that Playtech has created. What is great about this side-bet is that they are a progressive jackpot that is shared by the entire Playtech slot community, creating some really high wins for those that play and are lucky enough to win.

To win this exciting side-bet, all you need to do is add the dollar ball plays to your game and wait for your numbers to be drawn, if you win all five numbers, you are the lucky winner! This progressive jackpot is won often, and can total to be more than €20,000. However, others have won over €120,000. A new winner appears every few weeks, changing someone’s life forever.

Alien Hunter Progressive Jackpot Screen


Safecracker is a classic slot game that is offered by Playtech on a worldwide online casino platform that is played by thousands of hopefuls every single day. Bets for this game start as low as €0.25 and will go as high as €5 in a single spin. To win this exciting game of slots, a player must bet the maximum amount and spin the wheel.

If all three reels show a pile of green money, the winner will be the lucky jackpot winner! Every month a new person wins this exciting jackpot! The average win is a little over €50,000 and has gone well over €90,000 in a single spin! This game is played by many, and winners get a chance of a lifetime with an incredible win for only €5.

Safecracker Progressive Jackpot Screen


Stravaganza is a commonly played and often won online card game that is offered by Playtech on their incredible network of games and prizes. The bets start as low as €0.10 and will go as high as €100. In this game, a player is dealt a total of three cards, and must ‘beat’ the dealer in terms of the total value of the cards.

Players do not play against one another, but only against the dealer. To win the impressive progressive jackpot, a player must have a hand with three Kings of Hearts, and play the side bet to have a chance to win. Winners are rare, but when they are able to win that incredible jackpot, it often spans over €50,000 and has been known to cross the €300,000 line several times.

Stravaganza Progressive Jackpot Screen

Wall Street Fever

Wall Street Fever is a video slot game with four reels and three lines for players to create bets on, Playtech has provided this game to players around the world for many years. The minimum bet is only €0.10 but can go as high as €0.50 per line. The theme is wealth and money, much like Wall Street itself, and players have a chance to come out just as wealthy.

If you are able to put the maximum bet and land on 5 Wall St. signs, you could be the lucky winner of more than €700,000. However, the average jackpot is over €120,000 and is won at least once a month. The progressive jackpot is made in such a way that players around the world are able to achieve their slot-playing dreams.

Wall Street Fever  Progressive Jackpot Slot


Cinerama is offered by Playtech, and is a leader in worldwide entertainment for adults that wish to play slots online. The game consists of 5 reels and five lines that can be bet on with a minimum of €0.05 per line. It is themed with movies in mind, with stars and cameras galore.

The maximum bet per line is €0.25, and needs to be played to win the progressive jackpot. To win, players must spin 5 wilds and land them all in a row. Winners have been lucky enough to win over €130,000 in a single play, but others can take home an average of over €50,000. Players are known to win an average of every three months, and the progressive jackpots just seem to be getting higher.

Cinerama Progressive Jackpot Slot Screen

Wild Viking

Playtech has a unique card game that is played very much like Roulette on their online gaming system for adults all around the world. The minimum bet on the table is €0.10 and can go as high as €100, and players are constantly winning life-changing amounts with this incredibly fast-paced game. The players need to bet on the card they think will be the last one to be drawn, but may bet on multiple cards at one time, just like Roulette.

Players can win several thousand euros in a single game, with some winners being able to take home €500,000 in one game. However others have been known to win slightly less with totals over €80,000 in one game.

Wild Viking Progressive Jackpot Screen


Overall Playtech has some incredible online casino games for adults all over the world. With winners in nations around the world, Playtech is providing great entertainment and life-changing jackpots for those who are lucky enough to be the big winners. Jackpots through Playtech vary greatly depending on the game, but players are able to take home jackpots that are several million euros at a time.

Jackpots are also won often by Playtech players, causing some great fun for those who play – it certainly never gets boring for those who love a great slot or online card game. Some players will be able to have a €6.3 million jackpot, but others are certainly happy with their winnings of €20,000. With some of the best designed games in the industry, Playtech’s gamers and gamblers are always excited to see what is next, and are able to play some very fun and unique games.

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